What happened

@BatJyn @SebaM What happened in the 5 days i was out of state?? o.o I just got home about hour and a half ago and got online about an hour ago and suddenly a few people left. Did I not mention that I was going to be in Ohio for a few days??

Ahhhh. Real life happened.

Indeed. I lost 5 or 6 people just cause I was offline for less than a week. lol. Damn. No wait for me to return. =/

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Ahhh… you should have left a note in your alliance featured message, or in your Line group chat or other 3rd party GC.

Well I thought I did tell them I’d be out of state for 5 days. Maybe I forgot though since they randomly left.

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Ahhhh. Recruiting is a b!tch !! Good luck in recruiting (or getting those players back) !!

Thanks. lol That’s why I made this post and tagged a couple of them that follow the forums. To see if they’ll answer.


Let’s be serious.
There are real issues if someone can’t take a week break from a game.
Be it announced or not.



we didn’t know what happened to you! you’ve never disappeared before. and we all want to be able to finish the pov stuff and just can’t do it with so few people

we’ve done it as a small group before though. for half a year, we’ve done fine completing pov as a small group. always have. even before we changed to new group, we still finished pov with few people since others were inactive. i think everyone is just panicking too much about not finishing pov since most usually finish it on the last few days. if you stay active, you finish it sooner. cause i’ve noticed a few aren’t as active and finish on the last few days. if we can get everyone back, we can finish pov just fine

missing 5 or 6 people, i think. you, graff, and cloud. and not counting totalfuxxery cause he never helped with titans 95% of the time anyways. so one or two others we’re missing

Popping onto your thread if you will excuse me (the penalty of posting on an open forum!), I agree people often worry too much too soon. The very casual alliance I’m in has only 9 members, four of whom have a tendency to go AWOL mainly for family reasons, but those of us who have been bothered to try have completed every POV since they started. (I have been known to get a little panicky near the end when the requirement is 6* titans, but not enough to go the mercing route, and so far, touch wood, it’s always worked out in time.)

Hi kiddo. First of all, l must apologise for just leaving. It has nothing to do with pov or with you being absent. I was just tired of, you know, everything; inactivity, using flasks to kill 6*, not communicating during wars. Honestly, l was slowly loosing the love for the game. I needed change. I hope you understand that kiddo. And it has nothing to do with you or any other group member. You guys were acctually the only thing that kept me in group for last 6 months. Now, don’t get me wrong l’m not recruiting, but if you ever wanted to, you guys can move to my new group. Just let me know. Otherwise, l’m very glad that l met you and others and l’m grateful for all the support you gave me. Have an easy life kiddo.

You were having to use flasks for 6 stars?? That sucks. We were able to kill 6 easily until we dropped back to them recently. What group did you go to?? I think someone mentioned you going to a group with different language or something cause of language barrier. Something like that.

join Canadiian Intl Usa , tell them Gd sent u…

Underestimated misfits. Language is set to norsk so there is no censoring :slight_smile: otherwise is 90% USA group.

Oh. I don’t see that group in the listing anywhere.

Yeah. We had a silly competition so we had to change our avatars (Friar Tuck) and the name was changed into Chubby Champs. But that is just till Sunday or Monday. We are returning to old name after war.

Ah. What level titans are they normally on?

Right now 10* easily. With one or two good hitters we could be stringing 11*

Oh. Nice. We just had a 4 star escape from us somehow. lol. I checked for the titan 2mins after it escaped. I could’ve had it down but thought it would’ve already been down.