What happened?

Since the most recent update I have found a few disappointing changes. My teams are nowhere near as effective as they were. For example, the mana speed of Delilah changed from very fast to average. Overall, the offensive effect of all my heroes seems to have been reduced significantly. I’ve noticed this greatest in raids. I was over 1300 trophies just a few days ago and now I am at 960. I get that there is fluctuation in raid game play but this is not okay. As well, the awards in all battles has been massively reduced. In just a mere 3 days, I have found myself less interested in continuing to play. This is frustrating for sure!!

Can someone from SG give some reasoning? I’m not impressed.

Delilah has always been average, and as far as I know, there haven’t been any changes implemented in recent days.

You’ve probably just run into a little stretch of bad luck. Sorry, bud. It happens to the best of us.

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Delilah was introduced in beta as average mana, and she remains so. No change to her since release. I’m not aware of any systematic changes to raiding in many months,


Hmmm…well I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure she was very fast when I got her last month. Regardless, there has been a significant shift in game play since this latest update. It’s not just bad luck. I’m no expert but I’ve played long enough to notice the shift. It is what it is, I’d just appreciate the reasoning behind it, that’s all.

This is a screenshot from my production account, dated Feb 28, so moments after Delilah’s release: she was then and always has been average mana.

Here is a screenshot from Feb 16 from my beta account:


I’m sure glad you proved me wrong. I know I feel better already. You?

Baseless assumption and passive aggressive attitude towards people who try to help you.

You are right, this game is broken and you deserve a refund :slightly_smiling_face:


If i tell you that the moon is purple, is that an opinion?
And if people pointing me because i’m obviously wrong, is it normal that i’ll be condescending?

You reap what you sow buddy.


Rather then the game i was defending another player kind enough to respond seriously in your thread.
But you seems to not understand even that.

I hope for you this is a forum and not a real life attitude.
Be well tiger.


Looks like you’re experiencing what is known as a “glass ceiling”.

1.300 trophies you say? Looks like a developing player. Meaning your raid attack team(s) is (are) still somewhat in flux. The development speed of your team(s) is not linear: it starts off fast and tops off to a slower trickle near the end.

Once your teams are fully developed, and likely a bit earlier, you will find your amount of cups gravitate towards an amount bandwidth that “fits” your team strength.

Example: given normal raiding I’m anywhere between 1.900 and 2.250 with a 3450 team. Basically 2.250 is my glass ceiling right now. And 1.900 is my current rock bottom, given normal raiding.

Learn to get used to that glass ceiling and the frustration that it does entail. You’ll slowly lift it higher over time, as your team strength grows. But it’ll always be there, pressing down on you.

FYI I’m interpreting your reply to @Kerridoc as an attempt at sarcastic humor, even if it’s missing the :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: in adherence of Poe’s Law of the Internet. If I had followed @Elpis 's interpretation, I would not have taken the trouble to offer you my explanation. If you prove me wrong, that would crush my inner child :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bertus says it best up there. In terms of trophies, I am where he is now but not too long ago I was exactly where you are - hovering between 900-1300 trophies. Keep at it, the glass ceiling will lift sooner or later.

As indicated above, Delilah was always average mana speed.

As for the battle rewards, you might want to be more specific here. If you are referring to the chest loot (Monster etc) then they likely have been downtuned a bit, yes.

Thanks, I feel much better. I know that the value of facts in discussions is in the decline, but I’m old-fashioned and like to build my argument from facts. And I have the annoying habit of trying to prod those I talk with to do the same.

I did not mean to minimize your concerns with the game. Raiding is frustrating in the early stages. The good news is that raids are a one-sided bet: if you win, you get hams and iron, if you lose, nothing important changes. Sure, you lose some trophies, but those aren’t meaningful for anything other than getting into an alliance. Fewer trophies gives you better odds of an easier matchup next time.

At your stage in the game, work your way up the map, build your heroes, and find a friendly alliance with people you enjoy. Take down titans, collect loot. Don’t worry about raids yet; they’re more of a mid-game feature.


+1 to what Kerridoc said.

Also, people don’t defend the game simply to defend the game, but to stop totally incorrect information from spreading, particularly to less knowledgeable players, who tend to just repeat what they hear without testing themselves.

For example, saying that “Delilah’s mana speed has changed from very fast to average” or “they nerfed all heroes offense” like you said above, is just flat out NOT correct. Delilah has never been “very fast” at any point including beta. There are also no fast healers either. They are all average or slow. When people are correcting you like that, it’s just correcting basic facts so that misinformation doesn’t spread.

As for your teams effectiveness, realize that raiding has two parties and often times there are meta shifts that make things harder or easier - e.g. when the tiered raid chest were introduced. Also, raiding at that low cup level has a crap-ton of variance.


To those few who replied to my post without taking grave offense, thank you for your tips. For those who didn’t, well…best not say anything…would hate to get flagged and called out again. :roll_eyes:

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