What happened to top alliances?

Titan Killers
Dragons Reach
Blood Bath and Beyond
Crystal Palace
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We hear stories about players who fall.
Is there anyone still out there who can shed light on top alliances that have the wheels come off?

Anchor came and tried to scalp us once. But we stayed strong. I’m curious how large groups come apart. If it’s one event. Or a string of several.

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Um… I’m thinking, the answers you are seeking wouldn’t be unique to top alliances :thinking:. Check out the farewell thread, started by Frenzied for some personal reasons players quit.

As for why alliances disband, that as with any relationship can get very messy. Perhaps beyond the parameters of the forum :thinking:.


They’re at global 55, so going strong at the moment


There’s potentially some interesting themes that could come out here about how organisations can over extend or how a core of individuals can get saturated with a product.

But if this becomes an attempt to wash dirty laundry or revel in the misfortune of others, it’s going to get shut down.


Yeah. I’m familiar.
Individuals moving on is a common tale.

What happened to Crystal Palace?
If we can unearth a pitfall. Can it be avoided for others? This is the question in my mind. I’d like to hear from folks who experienced it.

I’ve moved on from less successful alliances and didn’t linger to see their destination. When a very successful alliance disappears, I’m imagining one event. One person that acted as the glue. But I honestly don’t know.
Which is why I’m reaching out.

Nothing nefarious


Also interested in this.
Maybe not entirely disappeared but merged?
Changed alliance name? Restart from scratch? Slowly taking more easy?

Would really like to know from them.


I was part of the leadership of a smaller alliance before going to be a member in top100.
I can throw in some personal thoughts that came across me and my coleaders about 1 year ago.

  1. Bad possibility for alliance leaders to get stats from titans, war scoring, average theophies or something like that.
    It takes a load of work to see (especially in top alliances) who plays well and who does not.

  2. Completely broken recruiting channel. It is just awful to go there. It again takes a load of work and very often you will “not kick” members just for the reason not to go recruiting.

  3. Group building. It is quite normal that you gather a couple of players around you that you like. And if a group from 5 to 6 players quit or leave, the leaders stand weak and it takes again a load of work to keep the 24 remaining people calm while getting good new members.

  4. Personal reasons in the leadership. There is nothing to add. When leaders quit, either everything breaks up, or somebody tries to take the lead after that, what often is very difficult.

  5. Very few benefits for leading alliances. Neither ingame rewards, nor good alliance events. (There are many many ideas in this forum, i will not point out some)

  6. No benefit or penalty for long time active alliance players/alliance hoppers. That gives the game very much room to “just leave and hop to the next top tier alliance”.

I think thats it.

For my personal situation:
I was very frustrated as leader because some members just where not that active and the Progress was difficult, it was so much work ingame and of course besides the game in line chat, war coordination, video analysis and all this stuff.

Exactly there some regular members that i really liked (@Eizi-Ice :wink: ) pulled the trigger and went on to top100.
And then I decided to also go up there. As regular member.
And of course, my old alliance just fell apart within one day.

So. There are some options that could be better in the actual game, but also it is always difficult to lead top alliances, thats quite similar in every other game.


Could it be that people are just getting fed up with the game and quitting? One day it will happen to everyone.


Could get yah answers here…


So you’re saying we’d need a special thread for schadenfreude?

Being in a top alliance can be stressful. Recruiting is IMPOSSIBLE under the current system. You have to rely on outside apps like Line because in game recruiting is simply awful. A lot of top players have retired, and if you can’t replace them quickly enough it starts a chain reaction. Some of the alliances you mentioned had a bit of drama, some just had that chain reaction as people left. It happens. The great thing is there are always new alliances to take their place. Consistently staying in the top 100 requires work. People have no idea how much networking goes on behind the scenes. Right now I’m looking for a few players. My Line is buzzing. I’m looking through my contacts trying to find a great replacement. It takes effort. It takes commitment. It takes time. There is no magic pill or formula.


And…how the hell do I replace Coconutz? He’s a legend and impossible to replace! :joy::joy::joy:

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Sounds like you need a




I need a couple of heavy hitters. Abusement Park. :telephone_receiver: :phone: me :kissing_heart:

Oh, I could get in trouble with this thread :wink:

Keeping a competitive alliance together requires good dedicated leaders. Networking is huge also because you’re not going to be able to keep the same people forever. It seems like I’ve been replacing people every war. If you don’t have the recruits to stay at 30 it gets tough to keep the existing players with all the other alliances needing players also.