What happened to the metal ore?

Hi everyone,

I used to have hundreds of metal ores, which I used to make axe attacks and bombs and bear banners.

It suddenly seems to me as if the metal ore has become a very, very rare finding…

Out of 10 battles, even at S1 15, I may get one metal ore or even none.

Does anyone know of any changes from SG to have made the ore a rare find?

Does anyone from the devs have any idea about the whereabouts of metal ore in the game?


From the Wise Goat Says bot, I get this for best places to farm for Metal Ores:


They’re right here. In my inventory.



Try running the 2* crafting material recipe in Alchemy Lab. I think you should be able to get some metal ores from there.

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply!

Even for the “smart” answer from the player who’s got them in his/her inventory!

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I can’t believe no one directed you to Barry Farmz Here. (Deleted wrong URL)

This really is a go to resource for everyone.

EDIT: posted correct link below.

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Wise goat uses Barry’s farm for reference.

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Thanks sft, but the link you provided gets me to a “page does not exist or is private” message from the SG server…

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My bad, this is correct:

Barry Farmz Here

Nice, thank you sft1965!

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Battle items abuse might lead to inventory shortages… however, ballanced item usage mixed with constant farming should sufice for a plentyful inventory.

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