What happened to rare quests?


What happened to the rare quests? We haven’t had one in quite awhile.


How common do you expect Rare quests to be? :joy:

On a more legitimate note, the last few Rare quests got a lot of negative pushback (deservedly so) in chat and forums because one of them (green or yellow maybe?) had absolutely zero Ascension items for the given color, making it essentially worthless, and the other quest had four tiers of trash rewards (swords, backpacks, etc.) and only one 3* Ascension item in the top tier (a compass, if I recall correctly). Many people felt it was unreasonable to spend 60 energy for a single worthwhile item. Personally I was glad to get even the compass, but I certainly wouldn’t complain about better rewards… We can always hope that the delay is because they’re fixing the loot. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s possible.


I had a fire quest pop up last night - ended up getting a farsight telescope for it. Very happy with that.


I believe you mean a Wanted Fire Elemental Chest?

I believe Myth was referring to the rare quest (Frost and Nature within the last month) instead of the usual gather iron or recruits we typically get.

My guess is that as long as people keep buying ascension packs, they’ll keep everything rare.


I did mean the Wanted Mission. Thanks for the correction!


At least one per month would be nice. :unamused:

Same for the Elemental Wanted Chests. One a month would be nice.


To me the rare wanted chests should be 1:30 normal chests (10 days or so), the rare missions should be 1 a week rotating through elements with 2 uncommons in about the same timeframe. That’s still probably 25-30 weeks for a 5* in most cases but it’s steady progress.


Would be nice but everything appears to be random and very rare.