What happened to HOTM?

What happened to hero of the month? This months hero seems unimpressive to me? Perhaps I am just to new to the game to understand her value. The older hero’s of the month had some pretty cool special skills. Example Gravemaker, Natalya, Thoth-Amun, and Alberich to name a few. They had some unique and fun sounding skills.

This latest hero has 210% dmg to target and nearby enemies and does -54% debuff vs natural damage to those hit. It also dispels buffs from enemies which is useful I think. I just don’t think its fun I mean this could be any 5 star hero really. I like the creative skills like Inari and ones mentioned above over another mishmeshed cookie cutter build. Anyone else feel this way?

Its a hero that the community asked for. And its insanely good


It’s hard to constantly come up with new and unique special mechanics that aren’t broken. And there’s not really anything wrong with the December HOTM.

The current HOTM, Evelyn, is a really good hero. The special does decent damage, and applies a huge defense debuff, and strips buffs from the enemy. She’s a great Blue killer. Then add in the elemental link. Then top it off with FAST mana speed. This hero is made to kill Blue titans and heroes.


This HoM is awesome! One of the best greens there is. There weren’t any green hero, which would lower defence for titan and this one do. She is basically green panther.


I don’t care that the skill isn’t creative (there’s a reason she had been nicknamed green panther on the forum). She’s the first HOTM that I’ve coveted since GM. I was a little sad not to get Khiona, Drake, or Zimkitty, but not broken up about it. Would be incredibly disappointed not to get Evelyn. She’ll be amazing against blue tanks and blue titans.


The defense down is huge. I use single color teams and any defense down hero is huge. On a blue Titan or Boss she would lower their defense by 50% basically doubling the tile damage for green heros. Add an attack buff and your heros will light them up.


that makes since perhaps I was just looking at it wrong. Its a good setup just not as flashy I am going to take it.

She looks insane. Waiting for Christmas heroes to be released and see if I can make some pulls… Never wanted to buy gems, but she justifies a few pulls.


It doesn’t seem that good but she is one of the best out there. If you can get her and a good green sniper like Lianna you will do lots of damage to a blue Titan.

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would she work with a shutdown like Hansel? I am thinking about trying for her now that starting to read what others think. I know new so sometimes I am not as informed. Though would have to completely change my team up to make this work or run multiple teams.

I think you are really new here :confused:


There’s nothing that interferes with pairing her with Hansel. Her special lowers defense to any green attack. Like Panther, she’ll work best with a green sniper like Lianna but any green hitting hero will benefit from her skill.

Honestly been playing like 4 months but the thing was for like first 3. I didn’t use the form or even talk to anyone. I been kinda playing for like a month. I just got stupid lucky with hero’s.

hahahaha … after I compared it, it turned out that Evelyn was exactly like the wakanda :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hansel would be really good with her.

I’m looking forward to trying for her… she seems pretty awesome for what I need!

I did 6 pulls and got her one the last one.

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She’s fast mana and does 210% to target AND nearby enemies, not “and minor damage to nearby enemies”. So that’s a good amount of damage. Plus I think she’s the only debuffing grean hero. She fires first, then Elkanen fires, that’s three dead enemies in fast mana time. I’d say she’s a good hero.

Just wondering maybe it’s time to get my elk to max lol, seems good pair with evelyn :+1:

Evelyn is a must have for competitive players. Elemental debuff is huge. She’s the only nature elemental debuff, fast mana and decent stats. This a great HOTM. My complaint wouldn’t be about this hero it’s the fact that as a HOTM she’s extremely limited edition. Atleast with the other 4 elemental debuffs you have the chance to get them every time their event comes up.


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