What happened to Elemental chest loot?

why give you free nice shiny things when they can make you pay for shiny things

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I was actually thinking these days… I haven’t got an elemental chest in a while. I think I got the last one like, a month ago. Are EC less recurrent now? Or it’s just only me? :thinking:

I think I’ve barely got AM from the elemental chests. The good (somehow) things from them are tokens, emblems and gems.

How many chests are you doing in a day? I usually try to do 2 each of raid and monsters every day. I sometimes use gems to skip but not often. On average, it’s more like 2 - 3 chests a day.

With that, this is what I’ve gotten over the past few months:

  • Jan 2023 - 3 (2nd, 9th, 15th)
  • Dec 2022 - 3 (2nd, 7th, 27th)
  • Nov 2022 - 2 (9th, 22nd)
  • Oct 2022 - 4 (4th, 14th, 21st, 27th)
  • Sep 2022 - 1 (19th)

The more chests you do, the more chances but then again, the loot you get may not be any better than regular chests - sure you get more items but most of them you can farm/craft. So don’t lose any sleep over it!


Elemental chests come every 15 to 55 chests, i.e. when you complete one, the game pick a random number between 15 and 55 and you have to complete that amount of chests before you get your next Elemental chest.


Yeah, I try to do 2-3 per day, also. I haven’t change my pace from previous months, it’s been the same. And I don’t remember getting an elemental in Jan. Although I haven’t been registering. I will do now since I feel something changed. Thank you!

Back on track :sweat_smile:

@Elioty33 do each chest count independently or all 3 count towards that magic number?

I haven’t tracked my own “magic number” (note it’s singular, not plural) but I am sure monster chests and hero chests count towards it and I am pretty sure the titan chests should count too. I will have a look to verify this. But I am sure each player has only one “magic number” to tell when the next element chest comes.

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Hey @mrchief, I completed my titan chest today so I had a look at my “magic number” before opening the chest and after opening it and it indeed decremented my “magic number” by one :smiley: So yes, monster, hero and titan chests are accounted for before the next element chest pops up :wink:


Marvelous! Thanks for confirming!

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Yea… And I saw I was quite unlucky because elemental chests come every 15 to 55 chests and… I have 45 more to go before the next one :roll_eyes: but always pleased to help the community out :smiling_face: :+1:

I’m always wishing for 55. If I never see another elemental, I’ll be more than happy. Not a fan of crap loot after spending that much energy.

Your magical orb wouldn’t happen have the probabilities of decent items for rare chests, would it?


Pretty please.

It certainly does but define “decent items” please. EHT, 4* asc mat, titan energy flask…?

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Sorry, missed something, how do I see what number I’m on?

You can’t. I mean ,the game obviously does not display it. You need to tinker your save file to find it (and first you need to access your save file which might not be doable unless you play on a rooted device (which I don’t not advice unless you totally know what you are doing) or on an emulator on PC).

Cool. I’m curious about end game “stuff”. Four star AM’s, EHT’s, troop tokens, aethers, tomes, etc.


Thanks, that makes sense

Couple before this were not good. But this one was great.


This wasn’t bad especially as I keep seem to be getting dark 5*s