What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Make it 17 now, just opened another one (Elemental Holy)… Garbage loot as usual.

It’s shocking aint it. What’s the point of having rare chests if they don’t contain anything better than the standard ones. OK there’s more stuff inside. But just where are we supposed to get the mat’s for our long list of 5 star’s. Here’s an idea SGG. Open up a loot shop. We will just but them for cold hard cash. As that’s what you really want isn’t it?

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my latest green elemental:

not much to say. 3x silver token and 1x 1* trainer hero. How one can call this “rare” chest? Never ending joy and happiness.

Titan chests are what really sucks these days, but some elemental chests have been empty, too.
I get one every five days. Used to be really important for ascending stuff.

Well, just had my 10 elemental chest in a row without a 4* mat. It’s getting to the point that I am upset when one pops up, as they do not give any ham, which is what I really need.

I remember when it was exciting when one appeared. Now I am just pissed, especially when it shows up in the raid or titan slot.

As for titan chests, It has been 63 days since I got a 4* mat from a normal titan or titan chest. I was lucky and got a tonic on one of our rares, but that was the bonus draw.

So frustrating.


Today I fulfilled holy elemental chest and I didn’t get even usable 3* ascention item but 1 tall boots and 1 chainmail shirt. Beside that I got 30 dmd, 1* blue trainer, 3 silver coin, 1 key, 1 titan flask, 30 amblems, 3 loot ticket and 3 Valhalla coins.

Better they didn’t give me anything instead of this rubbish (Amblems are the only worthy things).


Red: 4* mat.
Blue: No 4* mat.
Grey: No record.

X Axis: Chest Number.
Y Axis: Days between chests.

Summary: Since recording loot; 8x 4* mats in 33 chests.


Very seldom do I say something but my feeling is you might as well take the elemental Chest away.

If they are special make them special otherwise don’t even have them.

I mean we all have to roll with the changes and I have adjusted to the ups and downs of the game and still find some enjoyment.

By the time I press post I will have forgotten about it but I vote just take these things away.

Yarr !!!


I noticed all elemental chests from December 2020 til now (May 2021) thats 6 months. I got an average of 3 chests per month. Only 2 chests contained no non farmable ascension items. Mostly I got gloves, sturdy shields, trap tools and compasses. I got 3 4* materials , a Damascus Blade, a Tome and rings. Thats one 4* item every other month. With a few from Titans, Mystic Vision, and Seasonal events I could ascend 15 5* heroes in the last year. But I completed S2 and S3 in this time on normal and heavy mode. This gave some 4* mats too.

Good luck to you


you count on things being “random”!!

I’ve only had 2 elemental chests since God knows when…

Not even food or iron. Not to mention not even a 3* un-farmable item.


There is never food or iron in elemental chests. To be honest, this chest looks pretty average to me. :grimacing:
Wish you more luck next time. :wink:


Let me tell you about elemental chests.

First of all, they do not give food or iron.

Second, they always contain the following:

A 4*Crafting farmable mat (Dragon Bone or Orihalcum Nugget or Meteor Fragments)

Two 3* or 4* Ascension mats. The roll on each is 90% 3*, 10% 4*.
If the mat is 3*, 7/11 chance to be unfarmable, 4/11 chance to be farmable.

So in that sense, you drew the short stick, but it happens to us all.

Gems - 20-50. You got 40 which is a high roll.

Three Summon tokens - each of them has a big chance to be usual silver Summon token and a small chance to be either an Epic Troop Token or Epic Hero token. You got one ETT, so in this category you are good.

Emblems. I believe 20-50. You got 30 which is a good average.

A flask. Varies between the three types. TItan energy flask is not the worst, although arguably World Energy is the best.

A trainer hero, which could be *, ** or ***. You got the smallest.

A random number of coins. I believe 5 is a good quantity.

A random number of keys. Can be 0, so you still got something.

So in average, not the worst Elemental chest I’ve seen.


I see what you mean… seems that elemental chests have been decreasing in loot quality. For the past year, I haven’t got any Epic heroe token. But, yours was an OK chest… Better luck next time


Thanks I stand corrected. I guess it’s not that bad. :roll_eyes:

Yep, looks about standard these days.

Really? Titan flask is BY FAR the best one in my opinion! Energy flasks I have so many I’ll never use them.


Believe me , it’s bad , don’t push yourself to be happy with it!:slight_smile:

It had been a while, but here is my most recent elemental chest (Ice). I’ll take it. :sunglasses::+1:t2:


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