What happened to Elemental chest loot?

These were my two last elemental chests:

From blue chest:

From purple chest:

I didn’t buy the “mistaken” ham offer and I didn’t get any 4* ascension mats. It’s completely random.

Besides, there’s a big thread about this issue:


The odds are really low. 3 levels apart, those are only the epic ascension mats obtained from seberal elemental chests (and I skip chests, opening raid chests at least 3x a day, rarely skipping regular monster chests). But we were already told about it. Set your expectations low. What i actually am looking forward to elemental chests are the emblems, keys flasks and other goodies not obtainable from most chests.

I have some regular chests that gave me those 4* ascension mats:

I hope your next chests would yield you the desired materials.

Alright for some but Where’s mine lol not seen any for least a month.

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I would rather ask the question, what happened to the Titan chest loot because that has been afwful for months now!

The odds suck, there’s no doubt about it. Haven’t received a 4* AM in the past 10-12 Elemental chests. Then this week rolls around and this happens. Damascus Blades are my rarest item, and I was in desperate need of more.


Double grats bud probably won’t see that for a while lol.

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All loot has been bad lol as they want to get you spending more. if your broke they will expect blood :rofl:.

But obviously the pull rate stays the same lol.

Don’t I know it! Thanks! Only twice in almost 3 years have I received double 4* AMs from an elemental chest

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Firstly, you can fill just about any elemental chest for ~70-90 WE.

MORE frequent you say?, amazing, my last elemental chest in the monster spot was 11/2//21 (or 2/11/21 for americans)

This was during an event – read the full post for details surrounding that comment, and refrain from quoting just one section out of context.

Yes they are more frequent now in recent updates. That is a global consensus.

Yeah? Well stats or it didn’t happen. I have zero evidence of that “global consensus” anywhere. And don’t just say, “but I know!!”. I “know” lots of things but sadly for me some are just totally unsupported almost delusional beliefs.

…and this would be a problem because…?

Seriously, if ppl want to advance chests for extra rewards all power to them. It makes no difference to my game.

But I know 10 or 20 chars

The faster you fill chests, the faster you will get an elemental chest. If yoi skip wait times, you can get them around every 9 days.

There’s a thread where folks have posted data on how often they see them. I’d suggest looking there if you want data to investigate such claims as ‘they happem more often’ or ‘they secretly nerfed them’.

I’ll let you get away with that. Just this time okay? Thanks! :grinning:

I’m sorry, but I’ll aregue till my head falls off that those 60 500K chests have everything to do with the loot we’re receiving now. Absolutely 0 assension items in 3 elemental chests since I bought those. It’s the games way of getting even cuz they couldn’t take them away.

Then what happened to getting Tome of Tactics in any chests at all for 3 months. I had to buy one last month & we got 1 from Farholme II, but other than that ZIP !!! It’s not just me. My whole alliance is complaining they aren’t getting them either & they’re talking about quitting all together. It ridiculous !!!

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Iv with you on that tome of tactics iv not seen any apart from 1 in the event we had. starting to really do my head in the lack of these items to level my heros. This is SG sticking there finger up at us saying buy it then.

Adding to the story

Oooh 6 loot tickets…you’re living the dream!!

They’re gonna help so much,

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