What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Yesterday i got a red chest, absolute trash again. Tall boots and compass. The last 10 elemental chests all had at least 1 but sometimes 2 farmable mats, and only 1 4* mat. Like come on, these supposed to be good right? I dont even get exited anymore when i see one of these chests pop up.

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The loot? No idea. I’d love to know what happened to the chests, having filled more than 60 monster chests since my last one in that slot. :cry:

Pulling elemental chests are no longer desirable or anticipated. I remember a few months the items within an elemental chest were according to the colour of said chest. Eg Red chest - rings, blade… Purple chest - traps, tabard. But each chest nowdays serves up just about anything. A few minutes ago I pulled a dark elemental chest…And voila not a solitary ascension item inside, be it 3* or 4*. Mystic vision now gives better rewards than elemental chests. This is just crazy, have they gone and taken that away too, to the point where I can no longer even get a measly ascension item out an element chest?


That’s never been a correlation. Chest loot is always random. Any link is just coincidence.

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