What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Haven’t gotten a scope for a year now and the fire chest (Raid slot) wasn’t much better than the regular hero chest. RNGeebus is mocking me but at least I got some useful (sort of) unfarmables after 2 pairs of tall boots from the last elemental chest.


You get a tabard and are still scoffing? Get a grip

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I don’t want or need tabards or blades really but the last chest did just give me two pairs of boots and was dreadful. Troop token #4 yielded a Ninja troop which makes up for a bit but I have no shortage of green 4 stars

If you don’t need tabards or blades…what are you complaining about? You have no need for any mats then

Well actually, I desperately do need some of the other 3 star non farmables, 1 trap tools just another 5 warm cloaks will tide me over and a sturdy shield or 5 would help too. Apart from that, I’m not sure we are on the same page?

This if I can’t ascend what I have i don’t need more heros !!

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Ya, the loot has been terrible across the board for some time now. I don’t get it. The more they screw me over with loot drops, the less I spend. Do they not like money? Weird considering they are willing to run the game into the ground to get more of it. SG, stop being so freaking greedy, and at least act like you give a damn about the players feedback, and enjoyment of the game.


Wow, I think this was one of the worst ice chests ever… :joy:

Plus 1 costume key and 10 Valhala coins. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

2 shirts… :man_facepalming:t2:

That looks like my second last elemental chest where I got two pairs of tall boot but no ETT. Think about it, you are ahead!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I knew that ETT would make the picture much better. :joy:

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Just had a green chest, scabbard and battle manual, just what i needed.

Thank you SG for your generosity.

Last chest got 2 tall boots so I should be happy with this one🙄

We need to write an open letter demanding guaranteed rewards in chests, no this rng bs. Nothing like opening a chest month later and getting absolutely nothing from it. Or farming for elemental and getting grey tokens and farmable mats.
No rng - set of guaranteed rewards. 1 4* mat, 2 3* mats, eht, ETT, more coins and more gems.

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Nature Chest

Did you just quote one of my earlier posts? :grinning:

Haha, did I? :smile:

No, I really got 2 boots in that chest :innocent:

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