What happened to Elemental chest loot?

If we are to be crapped on yet again, it would be nice if these were at least separate from the normal chests so I could fill a monster chest at the same time (and collect that bad loot too).

They aren’t all like this. Here’s my last 4-5 chests across 2 accounts:

main account
1/28 Nature Chest: Tall boots, battle manual
2/13 holy chest: Farsight telescope, tall boots
2/27 Dark chest: warm cape, compass
3/10 - Fire chest: magic orb, compass
3/16 - holy chest: fine gloves, sturdy shield

alt account
1/30 - holy: trap tools, scabbard
2/14 - fire: fine gloves compass
3/3 dark chest: trap tools, battle manual
3/20 dark chest: trap tools, trap tools

so 13/18 were non-farmables.


Ahhh ok thanks for telling me. Makes me wish I had started playing this game sooner.

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@Dante2377 - That actually makes me angrier. I have had 3 chests since Christmas in my main account and only 2 since late January in my alt account.

I get one religiously every 7-10 days…

Not sure what to tell you…I do minimal skipping, usually only 1-2 gems if it aligns with my world energy being used before bed, but fill all the chests almost as soon as possible. If you’re missing a lot of titans that might be it, though it seems to be random - sometimes I’ve only had 1 titan chest filled between elemental, sometimes 3.

Here’s all 26 of mine since the middle of October. F=Farmable


Wow, you get an elemental chest way more often than I do. What’s your secret? :slight_smile:
I usually complete 2 hero chests and 2-3 monster chests per day.
How many chests do you do per day?

I’ve had 8 total elemental chests since staring at the end of November. Mrock has had three times as many as that.

I’ve averaged 4/day in that time, skipping timers whenever possible. I wish they would put a pity timer in so bad luck streaks weren’t so bad.


I skip any time it’s 10 gems or less. I do 2 or 3 monster every day and 3 hero every 2 days. My luck must be crap. Why does EVERYTHING have to be random in this game? How about something we can actually count on?

I’m not some free player that thinks I should have the same progress as someone spending a ton of money either. I’ve spent too much already and am adjusting my habits based on stuff like this.


That is hella nice, looks like you get about one more chest a month then me. I average about 3 a month. I been saying its the best bang for your gems by a long shot. I laugh at the folks who complain about ascension items then only do the 2 chests once a day maybe twice if they are lucky. Wish i was like you and documented mine, but im lazy like that. :grimacing:


Yeah I’ve kept track of all chest loot in that time and found out skipping is definitely the best use of gems. 48 3* ascension materials and 15 4* ascension materials in that time.


Do you know if the Elemental Chests also follow the Raid/Cup to determine how good the loot is?

They almost assuredly do not.


You’re implying that the rewards are growing proportional to the effort. That’s just not true. There is too much randomness in this game. I do the same amount of chests and didn’t get so many elemental chests like mrock.
I laugh at myself that I am doing ~4-6 chests per day (including all chest types) and the only thing I got was a compass in one month.


Im sorry, but i won’t believe for a moment if you did 4 elemental chests in a month all you got was a compass. Since i basically started playing i have did on average 3 elemental chests a month and have collected alot of ascension items. The 4* ascension items are much more rare yes but i have 3* ascension items raining on me it feels like at times. Without even looking i think i have about 18 warm cloaks among multiple other 3* ascension items in the double digits.

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Thats what i have at the moment, as you can see thats quite a bit of ascension items. Looks like tabards and rings are my achilles far as dropping for me.

@Zarsten - I do believe you. In my past 3 chests (as stated) I did not even get a compass. Fine gloves and chainmail shirt were the best 2 items, so merely a compass in 4 elemental chest is completely possible, regardless of what @Cthulhu chosses to believe.


I never said that I did 4 elemental chests. I said I make 4-6 chests (monster/hero/titan) per day.
I got 2 elemental chests in the past 30 days. One gave me nothing and one gave me a compass.


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