What happened to Elemental chest loot?


I have seen worse a few times: without the epic hero token


Seem to be getting an average of 2 elemental chest per month. Actually had 3 last month…

Anyway, got a fire chest today and picked up a Hidden blade. Not much else of note.


Here was my fire chest from two days ago I think:

Of note: Trap tools, purple flask (both appreciated!)


Today I got mysterious tonic, fine gloves, miracle sroll, 40 gems epic troop token … from Purple chest


I don’t wanna get into an off topic discussion, but it’s not that i don’t want to take her all the way up ever, i just haven’t decided which of my 4 star purples to take up first. I have Cyprian, Rigard and Ameonna. Sabina is at 3/60 but i dislike raiding against Cyprian so much that i just started working on him. He’s at 2/37. I only have mats to take one up right now. Plus, this way I’m working on getting more heros up to better serve me in wars. You only get to use a hero in one battle.


5 days later :

Token - - > 3* blue
At least, I have my energy back… lol


Orb of Magic that Gretel will need eventually! :kissing_heart:

1 more dart closer to maxing Vivica :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My fav battle item :heart_eyes:

Not twenty, not thirty, not fourty but Fifty Gems :gem:

Not one, but two epic troop tokens :exclamation: :grey_exclamation:

I got the the world energy flask I used back :blush:

A trainer hero for Gretel! :women_wrestling:

And 10 atlantis tokens :moneybag: that brings me at less than 10 tokens shy of 100 for the next atlantis event. :partying_face:

Couldnt ask for a better nature chest


A very good chest loot! :+1:
I was less lucky: holy chest gave me only fine gloves, 40 gems and 10 Atlantic coins. The rest were farmable and 3 silver tokens.


I’d be happy with gloves!!!


I remember I definitely got 3 royal tabards from just one elemental chest when I was a rookie of this game. I don’t have screenshot of it because I didn’t know they were one of the most valuable items at the time. I haven’t seen them again. is there anyone who got them like me?


14 days between, Blue Elemental chest on the monster slot :

What I need, so it’s a good one for me.


Ice Chest

Admittedly underwhelmed by this one, but atleast I got a compass and a WE flask, so there’s that to appreciate.

Edit: its fine that I got no good tokens this time, the MV had my back tonight!


Holy chest this morning :grinning:


Hiding is the troop token. Got it yesterday

(@Boolz and the one before)


Blue elemental chest in the monsters slot, 11 days between:


Just finished a green elemental chest. Pleasantly surprised with what I received. :smile:


I am not complaining. I just think that something is different. Raid, monster and titan chests aren’t the same, are they? Nothing actually useful is coming out from them in the last months. The video ad became boring too. Is it just me or SG got a little more greedy? X


Everyone has been speculating about this for awhile. Supposively nothing has changed but I’ve played over a year and never once got a monster chest with just gems and resources until a few months back and multiple teammates started getting them as well and also acted as if it was new for them.

People claim tin hat theories and conspiracist, but when it’s multiple people noticing the same thing and it’s a sudden noticeable change, something is definitely off

Have seen less epic hero tokens. Less epic troop tokens in troop quest II. Far less unfarmable mats, flasks, and gold tokens in elemental chests. Even titan loot doesnt seem the same as it once was. But supposively “it’s all in my head” so who knows. Doesnt do any good to track it now since i didn’t track it back then so no way to prove it


I feel the same. About twice a month I used to get a Diamond Raid chest with extended number of items and something like Trap Tools or Sturdy Shield in the middle. Now when I get extended Raid chest I see only a 4* farmable item on a place I usually saw non-farmable items.


I got a diamond chest with poison darts in it a couple days ago.