What happened to Elemental chest loot?


I have seen worse a few times: without the epic hero token


Seem to be getting an average of 2 elemental chest per month. Actually had 3 last month…

Anyway, got a fire chest today and picked up a Hidden blade. Not much else of note.


Here was my fire chest from two days ago I think:

Of note: Trap tools, purple flask (both appreciated!)


Today I got mysterious tonic, fine gloves, miracle sroll, 40 gems epic troop token … from Purple chest


I don’t wanna get into an off topic discussion, but it’s not that i don’t want to take her all the way up ever, i just haven’t decided which of my 4 star purples to take up first. I have Cyprian, Rigard and Ameonna. Sabina is at 3/60 but i dislike raiding against Cyprian so much that i just started working on him. He’s at 2/37. I only have mats to take one up right now. Plus, this way I’m working on getting more heros up to better serve me in wars. You only get to use a hero in one battle.


5 days later :

Token - - > 3* blue
At least, I have my energy back… lol


Orb of Magic that Gretel will need eventually! :kissing_heart:

1 more dart closer to maxing Vivica :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My fav battle item :heart_eyes:

Not twenty, not thirty, not fourty but Fifty Gems :gem:

Not one, but two epic troop tokens :exclamation: :grey_exclamation:

I got the the world energy flask I used back :blush:

A trainer hero for Gretel! :women_wrestling:

And 10 atlantis tokens :moneybag: that brings me at less than 10 tokens shy of 100 for the next atlantis event. :partying_face:

Couldnt ask for a better nature chest


A very good chest loot! :+1:
I was less lucky: holy chest gave me only fine gloves, 40 gems and 10 Atlantic coins. The rest were farmable and 3 silver tokens.


I’d be happy with gloves!!!


I remember I definitely got 3 royal tabards from just one elemental chest when I was a rookie of this game. I don’t have screenshot of it because I didn’t know they were one of the most valuable items at the time. I haven’t seen them again. is there anyone who got them like me?