What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Worst elemental chest loot ever

You probably did not need to reply to yourself but I agree that that is pretty ordinary. I’d be disappointed.

@Alexmex, playing for just over 11 months.

Based on statistic, 1 in 9 elemental chests won’t have unfarmables AM.

My elemental its like this every time

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I’ve honestly given up on elemental chests. There was a noticeable tune down of rare mats after raid tournaments were introduced across the board with everything. Elemental chests were supposed to be the one area you could look to for some kind of guaranteed rare mat. Not anymore.

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Not based on my data. My rare AM rate spiked after tournament. Even the 4* AM which I have never got from tournament.

This thread contain AM tracking from elemental chest:

It has been there before tourament, and there is no noticable drop.

They seem to be like everything else these days, crappy most of the time with the very odd good one.


Hello guys, Just posted the last updated results of the project to see the % drops of Elemental chests. Elemental Chest Loot.

Since some costume keys are starting to drop, the project will start a new dataset next Monday 20 January, and that way we can see if some other % drops changed in order to “compensate” for the added loot. If it does not seem like it, both new and “old” dataset will be merged to give results.
Have a nice day!


Still getting 4-5 elemental chests per month. Telescope and Tome of Tactics in December from them…

That is so frequent. Mine was only three in 2 months! And no more EHT. 2 silver tokens and another ETT at best with 20 or 30 gems and 10 emblems.

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I fill 2 monster and 3 raid chests religiously every day. It seems to make the time between elemental chests shorter.


3 raid chest? Do you use gem to speed up? No wonder you beat me by 1 elemental chest per month… mine is around 3 to 4 a month.

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Yes always gemming and filling as efficiently as possible.

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Looks pretty good.

Apart from 4* mats, mine looks top notch today

Excited to see a costume key in my chest loot. I wonder what the drop rates are.

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If you wonder that, contributing to my data project (a few comments above) will help!
Thanks anyway

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The blue chest i had this morning gave me 3 keys:


Havent gotten many chest over the last few months but the feeling has been disappointing. ETH, Titan Flask and 4* Mats is what I’m after. So I know my expectations are high. Just having them be so rare should count for something.

Blue chest on my alt today, I’m not amused. 3 keys…ok. So 4 for today :smiley: (1 from MV)


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