What happened to Elemental chest loot?

You mean spend gems to rush your chests… the few gems you get you either choose to save for a draw ten, blow on single draws or use to rush chests… unless you continue to feed the machine $$$.


This is a video game to me. Same as entertainment derived from a PS4 or XBox.

It’s not considered “feeding the machine” to pay $50-$70 for a new AAA title every few months on either of those systems - it’s expected and seen as normal.

I’m playing E&P long after I finished with Red Dead Redemption, and that game was awesome.

So paying a nominal bit of money to support this game, reward the developers and programmers and artists - and gain some benefits for myself doesn’t seem crazy to me. People get hung up on spending money on an app, but those same people might spend $275 to see a concert by a geriatric 70s band that’s still touring.


HOPELESS :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, everyone’s budget has vices in it, and I’m not sure why people react so staunchly against app spending.

Really dissappointed in the elemental chest now. I only get one every couple of months (i play daily) and have not received anything good in a long time. Same with the regular chests loot just not anything to help you grow in them. I am about to stagnate in this game I have ascention material for 1 more 5* hero. After that not much else to do to grow. I used to get enough from chests, special events and atlantis chests to keep maxing 5* heros. i have not seen anything like that for a long time now. Stagnating in a game it becomes boring to play if you can’t max your herros and be competitive.

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Next time you see an elemental chest, I’d recommend writing down the date or posting it here in the forum. I’ve never heard of a 2 month gap between elemental chests from someone who plays daily.

Here are a few threads that tracked some data:

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HAHAHA nice I don’t get anything even close to that!! You are very lucky with elemental chests. I am lucky if i get one every 2 months. Have gone as long as 3 months but will start tracking them and post what i get.

Elemental chests should be special since they don’t pop up that often. It’s been a lonnngggg time that a decent accession item has been in them (other then the 100 plus you already have) that it’s gotten ridiculous . If it’s a dark accession chest then throw a tabard in it now and then. What’s it hurt E & P? If anything keep people.happy for God’s sake.


I dont remember when was the last time i got a 4* AM from a rare chest. Maybe in february. The other thing is the tokens, for me the elemental chests has only feeder tokens 90% of the time. Yeah i know “gem heavy” chests exist and they mostly dont have gold tokens but really 40-50 gems is considered equal to even one EHT?

What is an EHT?

20 curious Hero Tokens :grimacing:

1 year ago, SG worked to make cool this game… Rare chest had good % and I remember launching special sale for 300 gems to buy EHT, TT and one 3* item.
but know, they just want money, so more easy to get 4* AM & EHT less money they will have.
That is true and everyone know it.

i can’t remember when was the last time that i got something usefull…. only crap… i have so many 5* to Level, but absolutely no mats, i have no clue how i should ever Level them up, and to Play with lots of 3.70’s is just frustrating… i spend a Little money every month but for Nothing and Nothing again… if i didn’t i would have already quit the game, so now i’ll watch it till spring or so, and if Nothing happens to increase the loot i think i’m gonna quit the game.


I agree with most of us. Started the game in February and had 4* AM’s and EHT/ETT on a regular base. Last five Elemental chests non of all. This is not RNG anymore but a big, big nerf. Very annoying to be honest. Especially since these chest are rare and special. Well make them Special SG, please…
Like Toebelix said, lots of 5* heroes but they wait for materials for too long and we all know, a 5* at 3/70 is the same as almost winning the jackpot. In other words, nothing :frowning:

For the last couple of months, I am getting more 3 * and 4 * AM and EHT / ETT from Mystic Tower than Elemental chest.
Should just get rid of the elemental chest and farm the Mystic Tower every 6 hours or so…lol.
Farming few spot over and over again to fill up the elemental chest for a three pieces of daily summon tokens is just not worth the efforts.

Although 4 * AMs has made their way to monster and raid chest occasionally, I still prefer the good old days where those guaranteed EHT offered some excitement although we know we’re going to pull a 3 * with it.

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Merciless RNG sucks.

Before I retired, it happened in September/ October/ November 2018.

Also reports of back to back and ones in multiple slots at the same time.

Officially rare wanted elemental monster chests were never nerfed, but if they were nerfed ( not saying they were ) it was probably when 4* heroes were buffed to only need 3* ascension items. The Devs love merciless RNG but data mine to make sure certain targets are not exceeded ( pity/ mercy timers for staying in an alliance would have discouraged mercing without pissing off the mercs ).


You are right. I used to spend $2 a day on a Coke/tea at lunch. That’s $60 a month. Since I quit drinking that stuff, I can spend that money on game app and it’s sugar free.


What happened to the loot? It got better? My last one was Ice (monster slot) and six weeks since the last elemental chest (which from stats here is pretty typical (I’m not a raider and have never got one in that slot) and it wa pretty damned awesome I thought. Three gold tokens, some non farmable three’s, emblems, Atlantis coins and gems (as well as the rest of bits and pieces), I was stoked.

This has been about par for the course anymore.
From a Nature chest just today and probably the worst one ever, at least for me.


I don’t even get excited when I get an elemental chest cause I know it’s not going to give anything of value.

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As expected booty sauce!

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