What happened to Elemental chest loot?

I see you and I raise you, if you want to see crap loot

At least you got some gloves :exploding_head:

Was a blue elemental chest…


Let’s just recap, shall we?

Weakest four star crafting material- check
No four star AM - check
No unfarmable three star AM - check
Only 10 emblems - check
Three silver tokens (as bad as it gets) - check
One star trainer - check

I challenge anyone to serve up a turd of that quality by way of comparison. If you have seen a worse elemental chest, please post it, cause until you do, I hold the record


@Infinite this one is weaker.

30 gems
flask we

another example, but has a better training; but same as above (lol, this one is mine)

and another one:

Probably true. I can’t even win crappest loot ever today :roll_eyes:

At least they got dragon bones!

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I’ve never seen a color chest completed and no M.A.t.s what so ever I’ve been playing for 2 years and I am one who speeds up raid and hero chest.im like so tired of this game if it’s not one thing it’s another. U spend for everything and u think u would get a break no u don’t as hard as it is to obtain mats it’s not fair u buy gems for hero’s and to speed chest than u burn flags and flask to get the chest done just to get stuff u can basically farm for and 3 hero tokens that will only be food no 5* no hotm…All I can say is wow

Yeah, that sucks.

You’re actually pretty lucky to have gone 2 years without seeing an Elemental Chest without any unfarmable mats. You can find plenty of examples of them above in this thread, and some more in Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days.

Unfortunately, they do happen sometimes…but hopefully you’ll go another 2 years before you see another one. :slight_smile:

I’m not a complainer but I feel like this game is just one big joke I spend 2 to 300 a month no event 5* no hotm Atlantis nothing but feeders and that’s been since Oct. Last year tc20 takes for ever mats Olney really come in the events our war chest and u see how long that takes u spend to fast track ur color chest that’s a joke welp I guess the joke is on me…I don’t see why to keep buying in to a joke when E&P/S.G we’ll just keep laughing at you

It sounds like the source of your frustrations is not getting value for your money — which is understandably frustrating.

Based on what you’re saying, I suspect you’ll enjoy the game more if you substantially reduce or completely stop spending money on it.

It’s not all about the money but more of if I want to gamble which it’s starting to feel like I’d go to the casino or pick up dice and hit the backyard. U can’t win for losing

Summons are gambling.

They may not legally be called that, but that’s effectively what they are.

There’s no skill or reasoning to Summoning, it’s just randomness. You’re pulling on a slot machine that spits out heroes.

So for that piece in particular, the relationship between money spent and outcomes is akin to going to the casino.

Elemental Chest loot is sort of in the same vein, except you don’t need to spend as much to get it — unless you’re really rushing Raid/Hero Chests like crazy.

The gems from VIP plus what you get in random loot are enough to rush Raid Chests regularly. So that’s a very small cost relative to your current monthly spending.

That’s why, as you elaborated on your frustrations, that it sounded like to me that they were tied more to the feeling of not getting value for your money.

That doesn’t ultimately have much to do with the amount of money — you could be annoyed by spending $1 and not getting $1 worth of value for it, or annoyed by spending $1000 and not getting $1000 worth of value for it.

But in my experience, people usually let the annoyances over the $1 go a little bit easier than the $1000 — so I presume most players will be less frustrated gambling with smaller amounts than larger amounts.

But you might feel differently.


Interesting take. I realise it is a ‘gamble’ but may not be technically gambling. If it were a lottery, my country would require a permit and royalties for example. I’m guessing they use number tables coupled with a not exactly random number generator which is programmed. Randomness does not produce progressively cumulative diminishing returns as a rule and would be considered statistically anomalous. An odd reason why analysts look for anomalies and archivers strive for a longer term standard.

But, I digress… If it is truly random, the outcomes would follow a normal distribution or “bell curve” based on a known (prior) sample. Some people would be fairly unlucky, some people will feel blessed with good fortune. Most people will be saying “that sounds about right from my experience”. Most people being happy? Society relies on it.

I’ve only ever gotten two, one yellow after about two weeks and a red one after 5 months. Both gave me awesome loot but the fates are against me it seems.

NOTE: No, I’m not crying or complaining just to be clear. I’m just a statistic.

EDIT: I do try to make an effort to fill, at least, one chest a day. I do not use gems to accelerate as the loot for a monster chest for me is a turtle banner or single 1* mana potion and 1 gem (that gem can save me 50 minutes waiting for the next totally normal chest) (plus that not very useful food and iron). I have to say i’m feeling a little skeptical about getting an elemental chest, even though I know, if random, in theory, that tomorrow is as likely as any other day to be lucky. Good luck.

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I think the elemental chest would be fine honestly if they just removed the farmable ascension items from it so you were guaranteed to get at least 2 of compass, fine gloves, each colors 3 star AM, damascus blade, tome of tactics, or each colors 4 star AM.

It’s just such a kick in the balls to finally get an elemental chest, find the best level to fill it up, then get a scabbard and boots.

If they’re dead set on leaving the farmable AM in then a big bump to everything else would be a welcome change. Much higher chance to get an EHT or ETT, emblems in a range of 30-50, coins from 50-100, gems 50-100, etc.


Agree… why do they even put it in the same rarity category? Clearly, unfarmables are rarer. Imagine getting in top 1% tournament only to get farmable 3*…

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I disagree (with practically everyone ever on this forum) that summoning is like a casino. It’s more like a fairground lucky dip, where you are guaranteed to get something for your money but it’s more likely than not to be a bit rubbish. You pay more than you would if you were just buying that twopenny sweet or thin plastic toy because you hope for the bracelet they promised was in there somewhere. It’s only illegal if they lied about the bracelet.

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Some people like to say its like a casino, but I think it’s actually more common on the Forum that people refer to it as being similar to a gacha machine, which is like what you’re describing.

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well. i dont want to intrude,

but i have this topic at tracking and this offtopic is pinging me constantly :smile:

From the recent holy monster elemental chest…

3 daily summon tokens for three 1 * troop…lol.


Our chest look the same just gold tokens lol u can farm/craft those items


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