What happened to Commander grey?


will be a release of commander Grey?


I won’t spoil it for you, but advance through the Season 1 story and you would find out. :slight_smile:


I have finished s1 but cant remember


Spoiler alert… You kill him like a savage without regret or remorse cuz he’s completely unimportant lol

And let’s be honest, as the new commander of the army, he’s your main competition, so he has to go :rofl:


It’s been so long since the game started and there is really no way to go and relive the story through galleries or things like that. But from I remembered, during the tutorial phase, he fought the Dark Lord along with 2 other companions (I think one of them was a Lianna, and the other was Colen?) so Elena can fall back to retreat and regroup, that’s the last we hear of Commander Grey.

Later on in the story, we found the Dark Lord have captured and taken control of Grey and made him fight against Elena and her new found friends, strangely enough that we never really fight Grey (as a boss). I think around the end of province 20-21(?), Elena faced off against Grey’s forces one last time and in her victory, laid Grey to rest, who in his last moments regained his own mind and apologized to Elena for his actions.

Yeah, that’s all I remember, so unless someone made a video of all the story progressions, or are just starting the game from scratch, they can probably offer better explanations than my fuzzy memory.


It’s too bad the Commander Grey isn’t a hero we can collect, like Tarlak and Misandra.


Or the Dark Lord. :frowning:


I think SGG should reward players either an avatar of the Dark Lord, the smoldering mountains as avatar background, or some kind of pin for finishing season 1 story.


Yes it would be great if L.Grey would become a playable hero…maybe we we see him as HoM or something else


The Lich King corrupted him with a toy Frostmourne, did minor adjustement to his look and his death knight’s name becomes Thorne.