What happened to collect gems missions?

Is it just my impression or are they slowly moving to extinction?

Does anybody have a spreadsheet that keeps track of them?

more than a week ago they sure do not come out, and not only that, since these offers of 250 gems for the 2 vouchers, there are no vouchers of troops in the mission of recruits II, it is very clear the road P2W … .


I don’t keep track of those missions, but the last I can recall was a Common gem mission last week.

I have had several gem missions in recent memory.

I believe it’s been around a week since our last Collect Gems mission, but that’s an estimate. It does seem as if we’ve had a lot of useless quests lately.


If it’s random, there will be apparent ebbs and flows of these missions. I can recall times where gem missions were all stacked up together. This is the reverse.

It is possible they have changed the rates these missions will spawn either purposely or accidentally, but a week or so of missions is not enough to draw any conclusions from unless an announcement has been made.

Do you really think SG would make any announcementif they reduced the rate of those quests? They probably would not even announce it if they entirely removed them from game ( would be listed in release notes as ’ various other improvements’).

It has been at least a week , but I am sure its just the RNG , it’s only noticeable because those two quests and the two recruit quests in part or whole are the only non-rare quests worthwhile for anyone whos played more than a few weeks.

Really how much effort to add a half dozen more quests aimed at 3\4 * ingredients ( in worthwhile quantities for flags expended)?

That would be a QoL improvement in the release notes ))

Hope to see it.


Should read:

“Useless for everyone.” :stuck_out_tongue:

As I had just started the game, I found these quests quite useless as well, since I wasn’t able to complete any of them because my team isn’t strong enough.

By the time I was strong enough to complete them, I didn’t want to because the rewards suck too hard :slight_smile:


Why? I’ve got ascension materials that I was lacking from those rare quests. So they are quite useful. At least for me.

„Non-rare Quests“

Rare quests (and events) for sure are the only reliable source on mats in this game

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Uups! My bad. I should’ve read more attentively. But even none-rare quests are useful. Extra battle items and resources are all good. Only some time I skip those in case my stores are full.

I complete many of the quests. Crafting items have been useless for me but the rest have their place. Battle Items quests were useful until I got my forges up.

When you are desperate for hams/iron, the ham, iron and resources quests are a good use of energy. As an 8 month+ player there are times when even an extra 25k ham is key.

Troops quests, yum for first stage. And I always complete the troops quest 2 just in case.

XP quest is a god send when the alliance has a tough titan and you’re close to leveling.

Sure I’d love to see more rare quests, but that’s not how the game works. Slow ascension item trickle is critical to the current macro game design. And I’d love to see the trainer hero quest that has been suggested but would really prefer to see Season 2 first.

I certainly also understand that the rewards the quests offer may not be what you need at your point in the game, but that doesn’t make them bad. I dunno, not sure what my point is here. Just feels like there is a lot of negativity and not all of it is deserved.


I don’t think they would announce a nerf like this and that was not my intent. I was only saying that short of an announcement I don’t think the evidence is there to assume a nerf has occurred. Looks like we agree on that.

Your suggestion of new quests is cool. Not sure what worthwhile quantities would be, but agree that the current Crafting quests seem not worthwhile. That said, you’d expect to pay a small premium for a guaranteed result and that’s what these seem to be.

theory debunked today…

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RNGesus has heard us!!

Hi Something,

It wasn’t supposed to be a theory, more like an honest question and a request to those that keep track of this stuff.

Still, I never said they have deleted it. I just think they used to be less rare. For instance, the last “Collect Gems II” that I remember was more than 2 weeks ago, before the forest mission.

Anyways, I am still interested in seeing a track of the missions, if anyone have it.

Another one today - standard, but still free gems.

Thoughts and prayers always help.

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