What Happened to all the Emblems?

Over the last couple months, it seems as though we’ve been getting fewer and fewer emblems. What’s up with that? Is anyone else experiencing this conundrum? Can anyone explain why? :confused:

Also, why do 5s reduce from 65 to 50 as they rise up in emblem levels while 4s reduce half … from 30 to 15? 3s are also half. Shouldn’t it be half for 5s too, say 65 to 32? :thinking:

If you want my honest answer, because I’ve noticed it too, they are being put in the shop and flash offers. I’ve noticed, with the increase in emblem offers, a decrease in emblems elsewhere. Color chest went from granting 30-50 to 10-20 at a time. Rare titans, I think I got 5 once. War chest… I got 10 and a reset token. Emblems, imo, are a great marketing mechanic. They have a large influx at the beginning to tease us, kinda like drug dealers do with addicts, and then take them away/make them scarce, just to put them up for sale. I may not like it, but I understand it.


I don’t have the money to buy emblems. Its not readonable to allow those who have money and/or are willing to spend money reap the benefits while the rest of us suffer.

The devs should think this through again. Bring received emblems back up to previous levels and those who want to buy more will do so anyway. They’d likely lose no revenues in the process.

Also, I don’t see them in the shop and wouldn’t spend my hard earned gems on them if they were.

I agree with you, but they don’t really care. If you were in their shoes, would you? Would anyone? and the offers in the shop have an expiration date on them like the others. They are there for 2-3 days and then they are gone. I think they appear twice a month though.

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Well I would because I understand long-term gains over short-term (read short-sighted), I want it now, mentality.

Plus karma. :sunglasses:

'Course, I’m in my 50’s, so … experience.

The problem with your assessment is that you and I are not addicted. This game, like so many like it, can be addicting and these microtransactions only help fuel that addiction. SG knows this, but they are a business, so they put up the warning about gambling and addiction and leave the responsibility to the consumer. People with this addiction may complain every single day, but they will come back, so the only people that this really affects are people like you and me, who can see through it. The number of players lost vs the amount gained just isn’t comparative. Too many of them don’t care.

Me thinks you hit the nail on the head. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But I don’t like it, for sure.

I been playing this for over a year and I probably won’t stop soon. First online RPG I’ve ever played. Much more satisfying than something like candy crush–which I got bored of after a week. Don’t understand stats but I am having fun. :blush:

Guess I’ll just have to plug along and stick with it for the long haul. It’ll make the game slower, I’m sure, but it’s all about process anyway.

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My recent elemental color chest gave me 50 sorcerer emblems. So I don’t notice an emblem decline.
what I am dearly missing are 4* Ascension items. I don’t take notes but I guess last time I got one from an element chest was 10 to 12 months ago :confused:

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I agree about the emblems but also about the 4* and 3* unfarmable items.

I was A and A+ the last three titans (one 8* and two 7*) and got none, I repeat none 3* unfarmable items. To be more precise, I got non 3* items. None farmable and none unfarmable. Nothing, nada, none, zero.
Only the titanparts…well, let’s open a bottle of Champagne for that :wink:

While a few months ago I got 3* unfarmables on a regular base having the B loot for 7* titans.

So I got stronger and better but the loot got worse. Now I’m thinking of staying low and go for the B loot again. Isn’t that just a strange progression??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The problem is @amrath, if players didn’t buy the emblems they would just find something else they WOULD buy. It’s a business, business investors want to see quarterly profit increases, so the investors will keep on investing.

When is enough money enough? Never it appears?

I don’t like seeing these for sale either but people with expendable income will buy them.
As for it not being fair, I disagree.
When you see someone drive by your Hyundai in a Mercedes do you say, that’s not fair!!! No, you follow them home and steal the car while they are sleeping…but I digress…
I’m also 50…ish, but I don’t find it unfair for those with money to be able to gain an edge. If they didn’t gain an edge by spending money, then why would they? Then this business would not be reaping the large influx of cash that it does. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s just the way it is.


You just care more about loosing streaks than lucky ones.

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Haven’t noticed a reduction in emblems personally. Offers or no offers.

Mats from titan loot is and always has been random, no change there either from what i can tell.

Higher grades can get you more loot, but not always better and that has been the same song and dance for over 2 years

Numbers game as far as A+, A, B, C goes

You’ll see more people with B or C grades get mats than A+ or even A


Because more people get those grades, therefore there’s more chances for the few to “i got a tabbard”, “i got a tome”, “i got blah blah”, rather than the 1 A+ guy

I’ve had 4* mats in every grade except D because I’ve never had D unless it was reduced.

Anyways mats can land in every grade, instead of focusing on trying to streak A+ scores, focus on just killin the dam titan while still hitting at least C, preferably B, and expensing as little as possible in items to do so. Just what i would do.

Back to emblems. It hasn’t exactly been raining emblems since they released. So it’s not that they’ve decreased, it’s that the amounts were always small. In fact we’re seeing more guaranteed emblems per month now than we ever have due to the revamped challenge events.

You get 2 class trials per week, a rare titan roughly every 10 days(between 7 and 12 basically, escapes can make it longer), and an elemental chest roughly every 50 wanted chests filled. You get emblems from all 3 tiers of monthly challenge events, would suggest at least completing all 3. And you get emblems from tourney loot so would advise in at least participating in every single one. These tidbits should maximize your emblem income.


I understand what you’re saying Rigs. Thanks and clear explanation. But still, it’s sometimes frustrating being in the top 3 of the Alliance and receive no 3* unfarmables for three titans in a row while some others getting the shields, traps and so on.

I did a lot of work to get my team where it is now and I want to grow more. But RNGesus makes it a bit hard sometimes… :slight_smile:

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IMO emblems aren’t more rare
This is rare titan from yesterday, it stil can be 20

I constantly get emblems whether it be 1, 5,10, 20 or 50.

My dark chest gave me 30 once, MV gave me 50 once, pretty much every daily chest reward gives 1 to 5, MV gives a few most times.

I don’t see a decline in them, there is a big decline in ascersion items yes, coins they also don’t appear as often but still around now and then but emblems, there constant.