What happened to 5-8 and backpacks?

Am I the only one experiencing this?

I have been steadily farming 5-8 every single day to get a load of backpacks and a daily dose of fresh heroes to feed my ascending team. Typically, I get about a bacpack per time I play the level (Sometimes 0, but sometimes 2, 3 and up to 4 a couple times) for a full run.

But lately, I’d say since about the last week, I get about 3-5 for a full run of 11 times played. this results in me not being able to keep my training camp running full time anymore.

Anyone else? Am I just having a terrible low point in luck?


I have not had that experience. I do switch it up and do 5-8, 8-7, 13-6, and 22-9.

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Try switching it for a bit. Those who report low backpacks at 5-8 seems to get them back again after farming (for a while) elsewhere.

No official statement on it yet, just gamer experience.

Like other parts of level 5 (5-7, etc.)? I have tried 8-7 and got 0 backpacks for a full run, so that was terrible!

I usually use 6-8 because I need

  • Crude iron*
  • String
  • Fine Steel
  • Midnight Roots
  • Grimoire Dust
  • Oil

Etc. I also usually get 1-2 backpacks here


Stage 19-9 I always get 2 backpacks and 2 swords, I also realized 5-8 ta bad

I’ve been seeing 5-8 and 8-7 as being much worse than normal for weeks now. I used to farm them exclusively. Thank goodness I had a stockpile of swords or my hero generation would have gone to a two or three a day (and I used all my WE twice or three times a day, with many little side trips as well).

It actually seems to be getting better starting last week, but still not back to where it was.

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8-7 and 5-8 were confirmed as “good locations” for various things several versions ago…I don’t believe anyone’s taken up Revelate’s mantle to retest them recently.

Well following Rook’s advice I fell back on 5-7 and things were much better on my last full run. Fingers crossed it stays that way!


I tried 5-8/5-7 but the low recruits and low xp are turning me off and also I didn‘t find many backpacks. I rather stay with 8-7. you can never have too many recruits and it drops a fair amount of backpacks too.

what about 7-1 for swords & backpack? any better?

Glad to read this topic, as I was about to think that is was just me having bad luck.

I’m farming Province 5 to 8 over and over again, but have run out of wooden swords and backpacks and can’t seem to gain anymore.

Now trying to find other useful place to farm these.

Found the same at 5-8 and switched to 5-6 which farmed a great backpack haul over a run, but that seems to be drying up (at least for me) at the moment

I personally farm 6-8, as I have recently said elsewhere, due to the items I’m looking for. It also drops backpacks, so I am satisfied there. :slight_smile:

What happened to 5-8 and backpacks?

RNG does what RNG will. I had a day recent where I got only 1 backpack in 8-7 on 10 runs and then the next day I got 15 on the same 10 runs.

Yes, but for some of us it has been going on for weeks and weeks. 12-9 and 17-1 have been working for me the last few days. More experience, different mats (including tall boots and chainmail)

I’ve noticed this the last week or so – 5-8 has been my go-to place for them, but they’ve been in pretty short supply everywhere else, too. I just get a string of cheap, slow trainings going until I get a pile of backpacks to speed things up. Heroes have been a little rarer lately, too.

Apologies for a little self-inflicted, this verse on lucious loot may bring a little cheer


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That was lovely! Puts a little balm on my bapckpak-broke soul :wink:

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Very kind of you to say, Flint. Search the forum for ‘ode’ or ‘ballad’ and you’ll find more verses for wars, heroes and all our other woes and triumphs!

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