What happend with titans? changes?

Hi friends I have noticed 2 changes recently about Titans… first… Hydra (for example) always used to appear with 11* level titans, now it does appear with 10*… the same with the Crystalline colossus…
The other thing is that, before today when a titan scapes, for example a 10* titan scapes, the the next one was one star less, 9* in this case… but now that does not work like that anymore… we could not kill a 11* titan, he escaped, and then… a new 11* titan was born!

They have always showed for 10*s…

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Basically it is random. My alliance once killed a 8* then got a 10 :woman_shrugging:


I think there’s a random element but it depends on how close you are.

If you are close to the win, just making it, or just failing I think you’re more likely to stay on the same level.

Either way @Jamir, what you’ve described is not a change :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucky someone had a flag it was in the last 5 mins though! Haha
We got a 9* after that

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