What happend with my text?

Hello what happend with my text in the forum
With Every topic the text words are written 1 per line so the text is only readable on vertical way ,very difficult?!

Your post looks fine on my screen. Is it happening with things you post or with other people’s posts?

Thanks for your replay but i have the problem with all others topics on my mobilephone(I don’t know how to take a screenshot)

Google how to make a screen shot using your mobile name and modEl. Should take you 2 min’s. Or post here and I will tell you how.

Thanks pendagron now I have the screenshot now what how to put it here?(’ Sorry i am not good in handling my mobilephone)

He it worked so this is my problem with all my topics, amyone idea off what to do. I have all the updates what belong to the game

Not sure, but might be good to check if you’re on mobile or desktop version.

Tap your menu button and scroll down. You’ll see either mobile or desktop. Tap to toggle between the two versions.

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Thanks for your help ,my phone was in desktop mode and I changed it to mobile and now my text is normal.thanks again

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