What happen to players who don't spend for the game?

I agree with many of the previous posters.

This game is geared for Training camp 20 ( see quotes below), 4* 3.60 heroes, and 4* 4.70 heroes.

Build a rainbow 3* 3.50, any heroes. Then a 4* 3.60, any heroes. Learn double strong color and double neutral color. Find good 4* heroes. Make a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team. Level that good rainbow team to 4* 4.70 .

5* 3.70 Heroes are worse than 4* 4.70 so materials should be spent on GOOD 4* 3.60 heroes to raise them to 4* 4.70 until you get a rainbow team at 4* 3.60 and a second rainbow 4* 4.70 of good heroes.

This will help you with farming ( sooo many recruits :frowning: ), completing rare quests faster with less items (3*/4* ascension items ), completing seasonal quests ( avatars !!! :astonished:), and if you want to, finish challenge events ( currently I don’t even get the challenge event completion rewards too much real world time and resources ).

Legendary training for 4* heroes is really the most reliable way to get 4* heroes.

Without VIP Pass, or small offers, RNG will keep you from getting a lot of limited time 4*/ 5* heroes, but you can play the game without them.