What happen to players who don't spend for the game?

There’s no bashing around here. It’s just something that I’m wondering about, and I’m focusing about getting unfarmable ascension items.

As we know, there’s a place where we will surely get the unfarmable ascension item, without spending money, in rare quests. There’s also chances to get those in elemental loot chest.

But concerning about the rare quest, to get the the 3* ascension item in rare quest requires around 2700 above team power, and 4* item with 3000 above team power.

I was thinking, if there is a player, that might have all 4* heroes, but only ascended to max 3/60, will he/she be able to at least pass the stage to get the 3* ascension items? Or if he/she have 5* heroes with 2/60 level, will they stand a chance? Because from their place, if they are not powerful enough to pass the stage, the only chances for the to get unfarmable items are titan loot, wanted chest loot, probably mystic vision, and the chances are too random.

Maybe they could pass the stage, IF they have mixed 4* 3/60 and 5* 2/60 heroes in the team. What happen for those who still only have max 3* and only be lucky enough get 4*/5* heroes from rarely obtained epic token? Silver token might be frequently available, but to get 3* hero is too hard either.

People will say, “be patience to play this game”. But I see a lot of new players just simply play less than a week, then left the game. Some left the game with one known-by-all 3* hero, Bane, while the other 4 heroes in their team are only 1*-2* heroes. The chances to obtain fancy items and heroes are too high, I believe many don’t have the patience to wait, especially on something that’s not guaranteed on getting it.

I’m just lucky enough to have money to buy ascension items to at least ascend 5 of my main 4* heroes to max 4/70. Gladly they are strong enough to fight in rare quests, completing the season 1 and atlantis hard modes. I still stand the chances to collect the 3* and 4* unfarmable ascension items without spending anymore. But I wonder how bad does it feels for players who didn’t spend at all…

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I used to use all unmaxed 4* to complete the rare quests and the monthly events for ascension items

So yes most definitely can be done

Took me roughly 3 months to have the mats to max my first 4* so definitely a game of patience if you’re not willing to spend

Patience pays off though and the waits get easier overtime as you become more satisfied with your roster


Do you buy your 4* heroes or get them from epic token?

Glad to know that you can pass the stage with unmaxed 4*, but I think it might be hard for those who didn’t spend to even get 4* heroes. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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I was f2p the first 3 months of playing

Well, these new players don’t even wait for a week. :sweat_smile:

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I also have teammates that are strictly f2p and have helped them with stronghold setup, team setup, and roster building in order to beat the rare quests and complete events. Were they able to do it overnight? No. But they were able to do it after a few months of playing maybe sooner depending on RNG

And i see what you’re saying about players quitting after a short amount of time. But that’s because the game is not right for them. You have to have patience in this game or the game isn’t right for you.

Hate the player, not the game, lol

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I guess that’s true~

But there’s even players who leave the game after they have decent 4* and 5* (unmaxed) mixed with 3* in their team. Some even have epic troop too.

I feel like want to scream at them, “Just gimme those 5* amgg why you leave??” :joy: I only have 2 5* for 5 months, but that’s ok though, coz my 4* are still awesome until now.
Yeah, they need more patience then. Your alliance mate are truly amazing to help each other then. :grin:

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I been playing since end of mai 2018, 5 months now, totally free to play.

I have no 5* star yet but got my first tc20 running since last week, I only got more 3* & 4* duplicate yet from it.
I get 4x 4* that I ascended to last tier with my ascention items, got them from epic token and tc13.
My max team power (not fully rainbox team, double on blue) is around 3200 power so I am able to complete most quest, thank to wu kong and kiril!
I only have 1x 4* fully maxed the other 3 should be there soon enough.
I been prioritizing tc13, Tc20 (upgrading my 2nd trainning camp to tc20) for now to get more good heroes, lacking a good 4* or 5* green.

The only thing I was not able to do is the Legendary part of monthly event, I was able to complete the elite in the last 2 months without much issue even scoring under the 25000th rank to get more than the basic loot.

My 2nd TC20 will complete in about 2 week and I am very happy and hoping to get a first 5* in the weeks to come, I hope sooner than later.

I been getting ascension material from multiple source, daily quest, titan, war, vision, raid quest and even bought some with gems on offers, knowing that this is the most limiting factor to grow.
I did not have to wait to have ascension material yet, it was more a question should I spend those material on getting last tier for my 4* or hold for 5*. I decided to get strong 4* as I would not know when I need 5* to ascend.


If you are looking for end game content in a week’s time this is definitely not the game for you. It takes months (just like any mmo) to get super powerful.

There is absolutely nothing in this game you can not get for free. There are tokens for heroes that will get you heoros of the month, you can (at a chance) create 5 star heroes with a lvle 20 training camp. You do not have to spend a single dime here if you choose not to.

As for ascension material, small giant is very generous when you think about it. Every 10 days or so you get an event that rewards you with a top tier material, there are plenty of holiday events, Titans, war, monster chests, etc. But it takes time, if you think logging in once or twice a week it will be even longer.


I am one of those who do not spend any $$$ for this game. For the longest time, I have been rolling around with just what the game gave me. Melendor, Kelile, Li Xiu from coins that I had them stuck at 3^60, Ulmer and Prisca both at 3^50 because the game see fit to make mats hard to come by for the 4* heroes and to keep me weak at blue and purple.

In that state, I was able to get past the 4th stage of rare quests with assistance of battle items and got me 3* non farmable materials. But always perish in the last stage of the 5th and ran out of battle aids in the last stage. Always had chosen to forfeit the continue for 75 gems because 75 gems is something it takes 7 to 10 days of diligent farming for free players and I wasn’t confident enough to get it done in my heroes’ revive state.

Eventually, through randomness and being able to get 3* mats, I was able to get my 4* slowly into their last tier, but I am still weak at the other colors and the RNG at its current state doesn’t seem to be helping. Something else still needed to come in, and that, is the training camps. It wasn’t enough to shoot for just 3* any more, but I need better heroes overall. So I hunkered down, got my buildings upgraded and started TC20 trainings. Eventually, my 4* roster did fill up with the heroes I needed. Now I don’t have trouble with those stages again.

Those 4* mats? They are just sitting in the coffers until the 5* heroes they are for comes along for them. Which I’ve gotten a few, all through TC20s. So the short answer is for free players, Training Camp is the key to their success.


With color stacking, the 4th stage of rare quests can be completed with a maxed 3* team, and the 5th stage with a 3/60 4* team.


I see. Wu Kong must have help a lot then, and Kiril too, as they increase the heroes atk.

I’m still working on to build my camp to TC20. Still progressing at TC18 now. How long those it takes to train 1 hero in TC20? :open_mouth:

Yeah, i’m still happy to be able to finish the Elite part in special event quest. So far I’m just max the 5 of the main 4* heroes that I frequently use. I’m not concerning about holding the ascension item for 5* coz I’m pretty bad at getting them, and TC20 is not available yet~ :rofl: So just keep collecting them for the available quests and chests then.

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Never tried 3* teams but i don’t doubt this method

My alt is F2P except for VIP, which I will let lapse once my buildings are maxed. I’ve just recently been able to max out a 4* rainbow team, but I have been doing the rare quests with stacked 3* and partly leveled 4* for several months


Glad all waits and hard work paid off~ :grin::+1:

I’m still working on my TC20~ Yep, just rest those 4* mats for a while until right hero came along to be ascended. :smile:

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I agree with many of the previous posters.

This game is geared for Training camp 20 ( see quotes below), 4* 3.60 heroes, and 4* 4.70 heroes.

Build a rainbow 3* 3.50, any heroes. Then a 4* 3.60, any heroes. Learn double strong color and double neutral color. Find good 4* heroes. Make a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team. Level that good rainbow team to 4* 4.70 .

5* 3.70 Heroes are worse than 4* 4.70 so materials should be spent on GOOD 4* 3.60 heroes to raise them to 4* 4.70 until you get a rainbow team at 4* 3.60 and a second rainbow 4* 4.70 of good heroes.

This will help you with farming ( sooo many recruits :frowning: ), completing rare quests faster with less items (3*/4* ascension items ), completing seasonal quests ( avatars !!! :astonished:), and if you want to, finish challenge events ( currently I don’t even get the challenge event completion rewards too much real world time and resources ).

Legendary training for 4* heroes is really the most reliable way to get 4* heroes.

Without VIP Pass, or small offers, RNG will keep you from getting a lot of limited time 4*/ 5* heroes, but you can play the game without them.

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