What green 4* to asend

I can max one more green 4*.

The candidates are

  1. first time: peters, jack ohare, gadeirus, and LJ.
  2. a copy: melendor, skittle, and caedmon.

The maxed greens I have are
5*: lianna, telluria
4*: melendor, 2 caedmons, brynhild, skittle+costume

My main interest is aws and titans.


See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I would say Peters is worth it. Then 2nd Melendor because you can never have enough healers/dispellers/cleansers


My vote is for Peter. Mana control is one of the crucial skills in the game, and if you have a hero with it, you will not regret maxing them. Imho Hensel is better than Peters, but since you don’t have it…

After that, I suggest LJ. He also slows mana gain which may save you in many situations. Just bear in mind that LJ is more useful against monsters and bosses, while Peters is more effective in raids and wars, perhaps the class quests also.


That’s what I was thinking except that melendor is squish and I cannot afford emblem him.

I have 3 maxed rigards and 2 bts, both with costumes.
I wish to have 2nd melendor and tried his costume in numerous pulls but was not lucky enough to get it.

Since you confirmed 2nd melendore, should I probably keep trying his costume?

Peters and Jack both worth levelling. Choose what you need.

No. You’ll got second copy with costume. Melendor without costume or emblems is too squishy to survive, Rigard/BT/Kirill much more better.

I’d do Peters and Little John to 3.60 to figure out which flavor of mana control you prefer. I will suspect Peters would be preferred by most, but I don’t have him.

Jack O’Hare is okay, but I’d rate him third - I do have him,. and he is maxed.

I don’t have Gadeirus, but having faced him a lot for the “Kill Gaderiuses” challenges, I can say he’s good if he fires and the buffs aren’t dispelled, but you should only expect that in PvE, and then not even against bosses that dispel. So he’s very situational.

I got Peters when I was a fairly new player and he was in my team for pretty much all functions for the longest time - still is sometimes, especially in wars. Fast mana, hits hard, and the silence can be a life saver. He always sat on left wing; I wouldn’t tank with him unless the alternatives were truly squishy (but I could be missing a trick there). He only recently got a few emblems because Jackal got most of 'em, but even one line is enough to activate the dodge once in a while. Mind you, if you have Lianna, Peters’s damage is a lot less exciting.

I have both gadeirus+14 and LJ+1, Caedmon and 2 mels.
Gadeirus is busy very often, he is my most used slow mana hero, LJ is starving.

LJ has a great skill, but he is far too squishy, most of the time he is dead before mana is full. Gadeirus charges most of the time and his special leads often to a 2nd shot.

My advice would be in this order:
Mel2 for war depth

Jack o‘hare i don’t know, skittles is unleveled in my rosters since looooooong time.

Peters first. He is a fast mana controlling rogue which comes in very handy in both the quests as well as everywhere else you’d bring a green 4*. After that I’d go for LJ as he is probably one of the best green heros overall in the very fast 4* tourneys.

Yes, I forgot costume comes with the hero.
I’m leveling Peters now.

Thank you all.

But why? 3 healers (Boldtusk, Rigard-C and Kirill) have similar stats and abilities with full team effect and medium mana speed.

Personally Caedmon. I have Peters at 1/1. The reason he stays there is because of how squishy he is and how better it is to use anyone else such as Gretel, Hansel, or Proteus.

While a Silence is nice, I don’t think its enough damage, nor utility to ascend him. Personally I believe Caedmon has a better balanced kit and with 2 of them that makes it good for dispels but also being able to double down on a targeted hero to either finish them or lower them to kill range.

PS: I have LJ at +20, but he only has decent synergy with Wilbur or for Tourney’s when it’s very fast mana/ 4* no reds.

Once fully emblemed he has a decent attack of 838/640/1135, he is best when you can feed mana pots into him.

OP has 2 Caedmons already though. Peters does something different, and hits harder. I don’t think of him as all that squishy, especially with a few emblems, though admittedly Caedmon wipes the floor with Peters on durability.

Not a fan of LJ myself, never took mine past 3/60, but thinking I ought to work him up for rush tournaments now I actually play the things.

It is also about roster depth for war.

We often face blue tanks and I need a lot of greens there. My gad is used every war - LJ only half of the time. I prefer stacking another color before using LJ, he simply does not live long enough that I gain a benefit from his special.
LJ is used in tournaments with fast mana, but gad has the same use there.

Gad also has a important place in my green mono Titan Team against blue Titans. (Hansel-Buddy-Mel-gad-Tarlak) pushing the atk of my two greens with highest base atk stat.

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