What got you in the game? What keeps you addicted?

For me, I got very lucky pulling Alby with my first Atlantis Summons. I thought every pull was going to be 5*…just wait for the hero to be displayed in the rotation and voila! After getting Ameonna and Namahage, and $8.00 poorer, I realized how lucky I got with Alby. He also saved me a lot of potions and revive scrolls as I started my grind through season 1.

From my lurking on the forums, I found out that Alby is highly regarded and considered one of the best heroes in the game. The strategy in using different heroes, the excitement of getting rare ascension items, and the community of shared knowledge and experience has taken a keen hold of me. I’m embarrassed and afraid to say that I’m a little addicted to the game.

What is it about this game that keeps you coming back, checking your phone for hours, and constantly getting hams and iron from your farms/mines?


I got into the game because I had an insomniac baby who didn’t want to sleep in his cot!

So I needed a distraction while he dozed at 2am

I picked E&P because any individual level would only take a minute or two, but there was a long-term strategy.

I played lots of castle builder games in my misspent youth and read lots of fantasy fiction.

What keeps me coming back is the slow but steady progress. As a f2p player, I have been fortunate that my hero and material drops have kept pace almost perfectly. I now have a max team of 3600 with more 5* on the way.

But more than that it’s the alliance - friendship and empire building. From a defunct alliance, we now have rebuilt a family of three alliances.

All the witty, creative and intelligent people in the alliance and on the forum make the grind and RNG seem bearable!


I like graphics of this game. I saw its screens in a demo and understood that I’d like to try it. Lately I tried other match 3 gpg, but they looked differently and didn’t attract me.
I also like a gameplay. It is not too complicated. It doesn’t require quick action like shooters or real time strategy. Exactly a pace I need.


I like puzzles games and I like bejeweled, this is basically bejeweled with 100 additional things to do so it keeps me busy. Between raids/world map/events/war/titan there’s always something to do, I’m not usually waiting on all energies to recharge so I can play whenever.

I’m not a fan of the horrible odds to get 5* heroes or the amount of time it takes to ascend them, but that’s a different topic.


That is a good point and the draw of this game…slow steady growth.


Although I have not played computer games for quite a few years as I have no time for it now, I remain an RPG gamer at heart. This game has core RPG elements, such as levelling heroes and importance of tactics (all the different combinations of heroes and their skills), plus just really beautiful art, I’m a sucker for that too. Any similar game that does not have a good art, I would not stay with for long. I have never thought I would spend a cent on a mobile game, but SG made me, lol. That’s quite an accomplishment. And then, of course, you get attached to your alliance mates, which is also a big factor of keeping you in the game. I especially enjoy the teamplay and competitive aspects with alliance wars. I’ve played some matching puzzle games before but they do not compare.


Various things keep me playing this game.

The community, alliance and the randomness (to an extent), the frequent enough updates (though not always what the players want/expect) and it doesn’t take too much of a commitment, hop on for a few moments and burn the flags a couple times a day.


I saw an ad for this game on Facebook and thought it looked like fun. It was better than I expected from the ad. I keep playing because progress is slow and steady and I’m finally starting to get somewhere. SH20, 19 maxed heroes and lots of materials for more. I average 120k damage on titans, I have no trouble raiding tough teams. It’s satisfying. I enjoy the strategies behind different things in the game, it’s a well made game. It’s not perfect and I have complaints but I’m enjoying the game more and more each day, as I progress and my bench gets stronger.


like sweg, i saw an advertisement of the game. initially, i was a tower defense player and i wanted to play only solo.with this game, i got into an alliance and i like to play as a team. I like the seasons, the raids and the war. I am not a very competitive player and I like shared my knowledge with the others, I take the opportunity to thank all those who share their knowledge on the forum and of other site.empires & puzzles became my main game.


I saw an ad on Grindr and I thought, oh this looks neat. So I starred the dude I was messaging and downloaded the game. I was hooked. I never hooked up with that dude…


Hahaha @codehero at least something worked out for you in the end.

I was specifically looking for match 3 with fantasy setting and RPG elements but without childish/cartoonish graphics… I love games like Puzzle Quest for PC (too bad there is not much of them) and I installed and played bunch of them before Google Play recommended this one. Installed and got hooked from day one, it has great high-fantasy setting, neat graphics, addictive gameplay - all in all everything I looked for!

The gacha summoning!!!
Smacking those in the top rankings!!!
Smacking the people I know in this forum!!!
Getting smacked back in return!!! :rofl:

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I am not a gamer, and have never played a game like this before ( well maybe Bejeweled years ago). I saw a clever, playable ad for E&P on Duolingo (a language learning app) and thought it looked fun, so downloaded it.
Now I am sorta hooked. Love the strategy aspects, balancing resources, and don’t want to let my alliance partners down.


Honestly missed playing rpg games (WoW, Elder Scrolls), but having a baby doesn’t give you a lot of spare time. Some could argue you can still squeeze in an hour, but if I have to choose between sleep or playing a game, sleep wins every time! :smile: I’m also not very good at being a casual gamer, if I like something I’ll play for hours on end. I didn’t want to get sucked into that sort of time sink again. Luckily E&P has enough rpg elements to keep me busy without taking too much time, not much you can do other than use your flags, train some heroes and done for the day!

What keeps me addicted? Honestly grinding to level up my roster of heroes and my alliance mates. They have proven to be an awesome bunch of players who are funny, friendly and knowledgeable. There is also a slight competitive aspect of the game which keeps me coming back to better my titan score/hits and who doesn’t like getting loot? :wink:


==Why I joined==

Gryphonkit, my wife.

She recruited me and her Best Friend Forever, to play.

Her BFF had actually rage quit Empires months earlier because her first alliance was toxic. Twilights Bastion is much more friendly and treats ladies like ladies, gamers like gamers and government employees like people whose job really does mean they cannot hit the Titan during a national emergency because they are in a SCIF for 12 hours a day.

==Why I quit & Why I came back & Why I stay==

I rage quit once I completed the 4* hero F2P part of Empires. Without trade, there is no way for my wealthier friends to gift me specific 5* heroes ( looking at you Delilah) unlike Pokémon GO ( thank you, my friends, for the Kyogre, twenty stupid hours in the cold, $19 USD, and I could not catch one of my own due to paywall RNG). There are no quest, special events, etc. like Pokémon GO for me to get Merlin without a ton of cash or lottery level luck ( thanks to several special events, I finally have the candy to power up a team of Machamps, and a team of Esperons, Mewtwo, and Dragonites to defeat a Machamp raid boss until I find one with Dynamic punch. My luck with evolution/ Charge TMs suck the Machamps I level with candy/ change with Charge TM always get close combat or heavy slam).

But I like taking apart developer decisions ( even bad decisions or good but money based decisions). My wealthier friends appreciated advice on 5* teams. My alliance co-leaders appreciated my input on 5* heroes, war strategy and analysis of how bad this weeks deal ( they are never good ). The newbie players appreciate my advice ( there are always new players in our alliance replacing the ones that quit since I cannot gift them my three extra Wu Kong’s or my extra Banes or any good heroes I am no longer using to them unlike Pokémon GO).

My wife likes the bump in titan score my play style brings ( she doesn’t care that nothing changes because of the Titan loot system, she just missed that extra Titan star when I was gone). She likes that we are winning wars again ( she doesn’t care that I just happened to quit when the addition of War Rules severely hurt our alliance mix of high level players, mid level players and newbies. Or that I just happened to come back when the Devs “jury rigged” a solution).

I play because my playing makes people I care about happy.


I picked it up through Duolingo too…now I don’t do as much Duolingo :(.


I like how everyone in this game (forum, alliance) is very opinionated about what heroes are best, which formations are optimal, which heroes go where…

EVERYONE is a self proclaimed expert and I love it!!

The excitement and suspense of maybe pulling a 5* is probably the best part of the game


I just wanted to know how the spiritual concepts are displayed on this RPG. Maybe what brings most of the players back here are the hypnotic satanic symbols. They do not bother me. However, I prefer that they would not blindfold me during titan hunts.

Some other game i was playing had a playable ad. I played it and decided to download the game because i was bored with my other puzzle games. (You can only go up in levels so far before they get to such extreme difficulties that it requires items that cost money in order to beat them)
I’m an rpg gamer at heart, so this game has kept me interested because there are things to keep working towards

Not me, I’m know I’m really the expert, but I keep it to myself :smirk:


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