What gets an average hero to charge in nine tiles?

Support has been no help on this issue.

Would people agree that a level 11 mana troop giving 9% increase in mana speed plus an emblem node giving 2% increase should make an average hero charge in 9 tiles?

That’s an 11% increase which should take a tile off shouldn’t it? Or am I totally mistaken.

I’ve Frida for example who never charges in nine tiles despite have the 11% increase. This is independent of any special skill or talent skill activation.

I contacted support but they were no help.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

This is still the best resource to find the answer to your question:


You need 11.1% (12% rounded up) to charge an average hero in 9 tiles.

The formula is Boost = (Original Tiles Needed)/(Tiles Needed) - 1
So Average (10 tiles) to 9 tiles means
10/9 - 1 = 0.111 or 11.1%


You would need a level 17 mana troop with the mana node on Frida for her to charge in 9 tiles :nerd_face:


Thank you Suicide Bunny.

That chart does explain it but I would have thought to reduce 1 tile which is 10% you’d only need the 10% increase (in my case I have 11%).
Guess my maths have been wrong all this time and I’m supposed to be fairly intelligent.

I recommend taking a look at this thread, it is very helpful


You are not reducing the mana bar size, but increasing the mana value of each tile.

An average hero needs 10 tiles to fill the bar. What you are trying to do is boost the 9 tiles so that it is worth at least 10 tiles.
As the formula posted above
You’re trying to make 9 * x = 10


Liam_ answered it already. To make it clear: 10% from 10 is one, 9% from 10-1 = 9.9! SG always rounds down, never up.

Happy gaming


Thanks everyone. Guess I was looking at it the wrong way. It’s an increase and not a reduction.


This is also a good topic about such questions:

This page includes Magic Troops too.

Some classes have 4% mana node

Explained in layman’s terms! :+1:

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