What EXCUSE did you use to leave alliance?

What excuse did you use to leave your alliance that you don’t wanna play anymore?

What did you say through chat before leaving the alliance?

Why do you need an excuse to leave? Just give then the reason you’re leaving.

Did you out grow the alliance? Are they too competitive for you? Those are usually the 2 main reasons. How you phrase it might change. Many people say they want to explore too.


I usually gave some complements about the time I had with them rather than giving an excuse…

Excuse was usually something along the lines of “time for someplace new” etc…


Usually a legitimate reason trumps excuses. Don’t like war strat, too many inactives, not competitive enough… everyone has different desires for what they want in an alliance after all. Sometimes you just can’t get along with particular individuals. Most alliances prefer an honest explanation rather than a BS feel good excuse.


It’s natural to feel guilty about leaving a group your in. Just tell the truth.

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As long as they’re sincere…like I’m sure yours were from your visit. :wink:


I literally just told them thank you, and it was time for me to depart. I still pop in there occasionally on Merc runs to say hello.

Complement is always sincere. Sometimes its a stretch to find one :wink: but I always find one :slight_smile:


Yep… That’s the one!

“Had a great time here but feeling like it’s time to try something new - I may be back someday”


Well…I say the truth. I am a drifter and let the alliance know that i am. When I leave I say that it is time to say goodbye and wish them luck…

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When I was playing gypsy I would just say thanks for letting me check them out but I was going to float on.

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Or, you could just point out all their faults… so they know and have a chance to “improve” for the next drifter. In the long run that will help them out the most. So say stuff like “weak leadership”, “ flags unused from casual players” , chat is non existent, “feel like we are short handed with so and so weak titan hits”… you get the picture. I know it’s not nice and you might feel bad for a sec but in the long run that might be the catalyst that improves them!

Just be open and honest. Tell them in a nice way why you want to leave. That way your alliance can work on positive feedback

I recently lost three long time members. One said they were taking a break from the game due to grad studies, one felt overwhelmed with their real life commitments, in particular their kid, and the third simply said they wanted to experience the game from a different perspective.

All were valid, all said nice things on the way out, and there are zero hard feelings in all three cases. All will be welcome back if they want (and one has since re-joined).

We had one long-term member leave our alliance. He said “Sorry guys but I need to step away for a while.” We wished him luck and will welcome him back if he returns.

Others just go dormant and get booted for non-activity or stop in for a short while and leave without saying a word.

Since I’m still in my first alliance I haven’t used an excuse myself.

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