"What exactly is our goal?" - Story Mode

I just got round to finishing s.2 Ivory Cape.

As the gently undulating heroes have another clunky conversation, Vivica pops up to utter the immortal line:

“What exactly is our goal?”

If anyone can screenshot this, I would dearly love it as a Moderator meme that I can drop on off topic posts

But it also got me thinking.

i) I really hope you guys haven’t slaughtered your way across a third of a continent without an actual OBJECTIVE

ii) if you guys don’t know, then perhaps we can invent one for a big reveal!

Here’s some ideas:

  • it was all a dream… classic lazy film writing. Derric wakes up to find that Atlantis was just a dream and it’s another wet Monday morning. He goes to work, double-hatting as forum moderator and ham mulcher at the Stronghold.

  • It was Richard all along! And he’d have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids! Vivica pulls a rubber mask of a stegodon to find it was actually Richard and the whole thing is an insurance scam. Somehow.

  • Heart of Darkness. à la Apocalypse Now, our heroes are whittled down until just Elena remains and becomes an acolyte-prisoner of Colonel Kurz/the Dark Lord. She witnesses bizarre and bloody rituals, eventually butchering the Dark Lord only to replace him as head of the lemur cult as her grip on sanity finally evaporates.


This made me laugh so hard.

And I’m totally with you about Richard. Jolly one minute, severe the next: classic signs of borderline personality disorder.

Obviously the goal is to gain the trust of the seminaked native boy, cure the poisoned pirate chick and make soup from the shark thing. Then, as a dramatic twist, a mermaid princess comes around asking the heroes to come sort out her daddy issues and the whole thing takes a new direction. I bet they hired the screenwriters from the hit series “Lost” Can’t wait for the next episode.


I don’t know, but we are actually fighting frogs, butterflies, lemurs and parrots.

I guess we are the evil ones.


But they are GIANT frogs, butterflies, lemurs and parrots…

but I guess you are right… we are the evil ones.

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It’s Richard, it has to be Richard. I don’t trust him, his face contorts in ways that shouldn’t be possible. That’s a man who’s plotting something, having a serious mid-life crisis, or seeing a really bad plastic surgeon. Either way, he’s up to something, I know it.

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Tarzan and Pocahontas crossover with a touch of Columbus. And Richard isn’t using a real hammer. He is using a plastic one. Hence the weak attack.

Jack Sparrow as the next Atlantis hero then? Or Davy Jones perhaps?

And sweet little chameleons!

And little dinosaurs, those are an endangered species!

We are most definitely the baddies

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@JonahTheBard @Kerridoc @Rook @zephyr1

Courtesy of ManBearPig.


Exceptional. Thank you @Kikyo, I’m much obliged to MBP

How is the E&P free life? @JonahTheBard

It was exactly what was needed at the time.

But physics and word puzzles really didn’t give me a creative outlet, so I’m testing the water to see if I can get a healthy balance now some other issues are resolved.

I would certainly recommend a sabbatical to anyone feeling the pressure of modern life, it was refreshing.

I admire your efforts on toxicity, @rigs. If I make a more fulsome return I want to be in that corner with you.


Well the community as a whole looks forward to your fulsome return!

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Welcome Back Jonah! I have missed your witty remarks! And although I’m sure they won’t be as frequent I look forward to seeing a few sprinkled throughout the forum.

I hope you’re able to find a balance that works for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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