What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")



Very good advice, thank you, this is very helpful, I am new to Gacha and it’s concept , made a couple of pulls too, I just hope small giant will listen to the calls for increasing the percentage of pulls for 4/5 stars, even if if it is after 2 or more pulls.


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Hello… i am new here … So i hope i post where i should.
I spend a lot of my time here and spend a lots of money, but still no 5* hero for me. I know players who played for 6-7 weeks and get 1-2 5heroes… isn’t fair! I have a friend who have the train at lvl 13 … made 5 pulls there and got 2 4heroes… i’ve made over 20pulls but no4*…
What’s wrong with this game?!? Isn’t possible…
And btw the rewards are like crap… at titan… I scored A and no good rewards but not just once… it’s a habit…and other players scored B and got ascensions items!!
Please make something with my account… I spend a lots of money I want to have some 5* like the others. Please make something with this!!!
Thanks a lot , SyrqL!


This game is a long term grind, very difficult to short-circuit. Even if you spend tonnes of cash, you’ll likely end up with a roster of unleveled heroes

Getting 5* is pointless if you have no ascension items.

In my opinion, to enjoy the game, control your spending, get in a good alliance, grind out a decent base, hit high level Titans regularly and get involved with the community.

You can buy lots of gems, but you can’t buy enjoyment, that comes from appreciating hard-won success and shared experiences.

It’s a cliché, but this game is a journey, not a destination.

If that’s not what you signed up for, cut your losses and try something else.


Hmmm i have ascension iteme… But for color that i do not have:) … give me that 5* hero And i will ascend him when i can…But i fell isn’t Fair… How a B At Titan it’s better than A … Or How one friend get 2 heroes of 4*/5 draw At train lvl 13 And me 0 heros From 20… Or… How they have 2-3 5* And me No 5*… isn’t Fair… i like this game… But i am felling like i am cheated… please make something about that … i Told ya… i’ve spend a lots of money… isn’t Fair for You…
Thanks a lot!


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. I think the Elemental portals to be very fair. I have spent a fair amount of money and sometimes I get exactly what I wanted. But on the other hand sometimes I don’t, those Heroes are also put to good use I have been very happy with what I got and with the game


I played legendary game of heros and spent 1000s of dollars on that game… Had a good team for 3 weeks and it was useless afterwards… This game holds it’s value soooooo much more. But, at least legendary actually announced their pull off on packs. Devs should be able to stand behind their product by insuring players that no funny business is going on. Being secretive only shows players that the devs are hiding things for a reason.

Legendary introduced a “luck” system for whales that tricked new players into thinking they’d have better luck getting the heros they wanted. But really it was for the players spending 1000s of dollars and getting screwed over never getting the Ultra Rare heros they needed to get to stay on top of leaderboards. They catered to the top guilds and it effected everyone else in negative ways making the game break and unfair/fun to everyone else.

They way empires and puzzles has the game set up is extremely particular and very much on purpose. Slight changes does huge things to the game and causes people to quit destroying the game entirely.

Post drop rates for levels and summons… That alone doesn’t do anything but better inform players of what they are buying… If the odds are fair people will pay, if they aren’t people will still pay…


Have read this a couple of times and not quite sure what point you’re trying to make…? Can you elaborate? Are you saying it will ruin the game now that they have published the odds?


Had no clue they did publish odds… I wanted them to. Thought it was important that they did. I get so confused using this forum… Can you show me where that is by linking it?


If you scroll up about 20 comments, there are screenshots of each summon and their odds. In the new update there is a little “I” symbol for information on the odds :slight_smile: Just click it and it shows the percentages :slight_smile:


Well that just tickles me all over bahahaha. That’s awesome thank you for that bae


This exact reason is why I’m almost done with the game,don’t get me wrong I love the game that’s why I’m here looking for answers about the BS random pulls.I’ve been playing for about 3months now, spent about little money here and there and have never gotten anything above a 3star hero and its getting old!


So you’re leaving because of the low odds? Is that why? If you want fast progress then E&P definitely isn’t for you. It’s most definitely a grind. Everyone has a different gaming style. This is perfect for me through and through because I enjoy working hard to receive a reward. The sarusfaction if achievement is what keeps me playing :slight_smile:


With 90/10 ratio between Rare/Epic i did 10 pulls expecting to get at least one Epic. I didn’t, all were Rares. That’s published odds vs reality. This is ca €20 down the drain. Before odds were published this result would be “RNGesused” to death by all SG apologists but with odds being declared i am expecting to get results as advertised.


90/10 odds does NOT mean that every tenth roll gives you an epic troop. It means each roll has a 10% chance of giving an epic troop. The rolls are independent, like flipping a coin.

Thought exercise: a fair coin has even odds of heads or tails. That doesn’t mean if you flip it once and get heads, the next time you flip it you get tails. The second flip is still 50/50.

The odds of getting a string of ten 3* troops is 90%^10 = 34.9%. You were unlucky, but not unusually so.


It makes sense when these are seperate events.


U r righrt im the whale and it sucked i paid 100 dollars to get thru the epic challage and it appears they make the evil people stronger then my heros and i cant even reload on battle items every time i gave more gems. It really made my stomach turn cuz its not fair how do u fight that if they whip u out in one swipe. NOT FAIR GAME!!!–


The Challenge Events are easy. That’s why they’re called “Challenge” Events. There are several good threads discussing strategy, which generally boil down to:

  1. Bringing the right heroes. Understand what color(s) the minions and bosses will be and choose the best heroes for that level – which is likely to be different than the right team for a different level.
  2. Bringing the right items. This topic includes not only choosing wisely but, critically, spending the preceding month building inventories of key items.
  3. Using the boards effectively, particularly (a) building up mana before entering the final round and (b) setting up the board with gems/dragons and fairly clean of useless colors.

But I’m not seeing how any of this is a “Gacha”? The store sells battle items in limited quantities. In what we did you spend $$ but not get what you expected?


Back to topic: “What is a Gatcha?” (See first post)


I dunno about that. I have twice pulled the same 5* as a teammate in the same day within minutes. If anything I think certain days or times they open up better odds for players. I don’t like the idea that they literally could change their system to not give or give out certain heroes whenever they want to. I know good heroes are out there because I look at teams they have them. I am one of those $5 to $30 a month guys and just landed my 4th 5* heroe after 10 months. That tells me what some people are paying and I actually prefered the game more relying on randomness and grinding vs paying. I feel like I took a short cut or cheated by paying and I give no admiration at all to other people’s heroes knowing what they likely spent.