What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")



The point is, you don’t have to buy any of the offers if you don’t want to. You can take your time, save the gems and summon tokens you earn through gameplay, level up your stronghold and training camps, and train your own 5* heroes, all for free. You can complete every quest, complete every Challenge Event, defeat every titan, and maintain diamond raid tier all without spending a penny. It will take a lot longer, but you can do it.


You’re overthinking this. The main reason they are not disclosing the odds is because they don’t have to and don’t need to.

So they’re fine with the current situation where they let everyone find out on their own how the odds are by doing their summons.

One might question the ethics of this approach, but from their perspective it would be a negative to their business to take it a step further than competing companies, who don’t disclose their Gacha odds either.

So in the end, SG wins, and the player that plays for free/well within their personal (however high/low that may be) entertainment budget wins as well.

I’m not saying it’s all pretty and dandy. But it’s the current status quo.


You’re viewing this from your personal entertainment budget. I think it’s comparable to mine, because I also lay aside those 30$ offers as if they were roadkill. But we’re surely not all on the same budget, and there’s clientele for the 30$ offers, as well as clientele for the 100$ offers. So if there are players that are able and willing to afford that, that’s their prerogative.

Value assessment is also partly personal. With my limited budget my $ spent / hours played for this game is INSANE. I will add though that I don’t do 10x pulls anymore, took me just 1 to drop that ball. I do think that those are probably the worst way to spend your diamonds. I rush chests. Buy the odd guaranteed unfarmable ascension mat. Never any “get 2 of these” offers which I think are poor value. But other players love those. Or love doing 10x pulls. That too is their prerogative.


Ok, so let’s see this under a different light.

If I want to go to the movies here in Brazil, I’ll spend 50 BRL (2 tickets, me and wifey) plus around 30 more with popcorn and soda.

If I go by car, I’ll spend around 20 BRL to the nearest movie theater and around 10 BRL on parking. That amounts to 110 BRL for less than 3 hours worth of fun. That is, if I don’t eat or buy anything else on the mall, and if I go straight from home to the mall and back.

There was an offer yesterday of 3k gems, one of each ascension mat, Epic Hero and epic troop tokens and a few more things I don’t remember, that cost 119 BRL.

This means I could improve my gaming experience, an experience that will give me at worst war depth, at best, an awesome hero or two, both things, even the worst scenario, that will make me entertained for weeks, even more if I get multiple 4*+ heroes, and that would cost 9 BRL (less than 3 USD) more than what I would spend on the movies for 3 hours.

Honestly, if I can spare 110 BRL (I currently can’t, but hope I can soon) with 3 hours, I can sure spend 120 with something that will keep me entertained for weeks or months.

When I have money again, my intention is to get one offer like that every 2 or 3 months, plus VIP every month. I really think it’s worth it.


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I agree with you - those are not micro transactions.

Prices are really high. When I saw how much euros is for that package for tickets, I started laughing.

I mean, tickets should be like 1-2 euro = 100 pieces, tops, and vip should give at least 10, not one :rofl:

And yes, gems should be at least divided by 10, then you can play, click, spend, and I think they’d get even more people spending, because they wouldn’t see it as big expense as it’s now. Then it would really be micro transaction. Now it’s definitely not micro, 30 euros is significant transaction :smiley:

Odds are still low, and even if we pull a lot of heroes, what, we’ll just spend more time farming and titan hitting to get ascension mats, so that’s again win for the SG.


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Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

I want to take @Denys part for once and defend him.

I keep reading something like “if you don’t like it, play something else!” or “if you complaining for this and for that then you just want to whine and you don’t love this game!”
Thats totally wrong, people that complaining are probably people that like this game the most.

You don’t take the time and effort to complain everytime on something you don’t care.
So please, stop telling this.

He want to fight for his convictions, and try to gather other people that have the same thoughts.

I find that much more cool then saying “Oh well, thats how the game is intended! Deal with it!”

If all the people just do this, nothing change and nothing can change.

Passivity is not something to be proud.

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Very well said! I play the game for a while now and I haven’t considered paying for any pulls because of the reasons you’ve just said. That does not mean the game is less fun or my pulls less effective. I’ve created a strong team and I keep going with no need to spend a cent. Again great post!


Most of what is called “whining” has a reason to be. Gacha or not E&P is mainly a match 3 game. It has a nice coating of strategy , a nice add on to better winning battles, but still, a match 3. And after some time, just a match 3 is tiresome. I bet there are plenty of people around who got tired of the candy crush games after some time. Also, this used to be a game who managed to combine match 3 with some commitment and social interaction. And at that time it was ageeable, fun, and even the lack of mats did not bother so much (although until 8 months ago that lack was not so bad as it is now). But now, every new update brings more comitment to the game, the nerfing of even basic mats gets so bad, one has to endelessly repeat boring match 3 games, in lower levels, where strategy is not needed any longer (imagine yourself for 6 months in the same candy crush level). And it is asking you to play for a year to be able to max your heroes, or at least one of them, if you are lucky enough to get one. Many of us got enchanted with the concept of this game, but that is wearing thin very fast. One is basically paying to get bored, or irritated, or frustated. Of course we want the good feeling of the game to come back. I think we can survive the gacha aspect of it if we are having fun. So, many complaining have every reason to do so, and as many times they want to. They are just trying to rescue what was basically a fun game. Those who do not care about it do not come here and point it out, they quit, and if you pay attention to chat in game and look at the number of dissolved alliances and dead alliances, this is quite obvious they are quiting in droves.


But that’s not a problem. If a game is not fun anymore, you quit and move on to another. It’s simple as that.


Tought was the same too :smile:


Somewhat relevant to the topic, there is an article on eurogamer about a popular console game with a similar transaction model to EP. A Big spending player used the Euro GDPR rules to request all the info the vendor had about him.

The curious part is that they released the information about what ‘loot’ packages had been purchased, but refused to release what random generated loot was received by the customer from those packs. Not that they did not have the information , rather they refused on some rather legal technicality about that aspect being a trade secret.

It’s an interesting read, for another perspective , about another gacha game ,

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@rook is that the case?

Also, if SG give you grief, declare Exterminatus. I’d love to see a Guin tank Vs a Land Raider


The odds don’t deter! It’s classic that the ones who even could complain that they f-ed up a gamble are the same ones who would do it even with a .0005 % chance! Being informed only leaves those people a) angrier at themselves to a further raunchy debauch or b) willing to justify their actions by blaming the system and it’s shinies!
Pray their struggles lead them to GA,AA, or NA where they can find serenity and stop expecting SG to be their higher power.


Hmm, the external links I use are all E&P-related.

Per the Rules, we shouldn’t be posting external, non-game-related stuff, but I think this is relevant under the Gacha discussion. :wink:


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We should soon be able to see the actual odds of our hero pulls thanks to Apples update on developer guidelines last december:

“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”


The tricky part of the transactions is that with this game you aren’t actually paying for loot boxes. You pay your money for gems, then you exchange those ingame gems for the loot box, which technically is not a monetary transaction. A loophole which evades the apparent intent of the Apple update. Until either Apple or Google sets terms which close that loophole, or someone, ie any company using the same tactic, not necessarily SG, is taken to court over it and a legal precedent is set, we probably won’t see a change.