What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

I debated posting this info, but decided eh why not.

My hero list:

My best troops list:

How much I spent since March 2018:

I definitely fell into the trap of the gacha with this game. After d/ling my order history from google play and realizing i dropped 17k on a game, I decided to quit.

There’s no one to blame but me, I realize this. Feel free to flame away.


@KLinMayhem Thanks for sharing this!

I think this provides some very helpful insights, I’m really glad you ultimately decided to post this.

So often players see rosters from others, and it’s easy for that to create a longing to chase those same heroes. Seeing exactly what you’ve spent alongside what you got from it creates a lot of perspective.

I hope this will be helpful for other players, so they can be more self-aware of their budgets and make decisions about how much money they want to spend.

I would imagine it would be extremely hard or impossible to transition from that kind of spending to F2P/C2P, since it would very fundamentally change the nature of the game for you. So I can completely understand your reasons for leaving the game now — though I’ll certainly miss your contributions to the community. As far as I’m concerned, those are far more valuable than your roster.


Thank you very much for sharing this. Definitely sobering information. I’m really sorry to see you go, but it sure does look like the healthy choice. $1,300 a month is a lot of money.


Sad to see you go.

But definitely too much spending on a single game. My budget of $250 per month certainly is no match for yours but what you posted certainly would impact many players. So many opportunity costs. What other things you can spend on with that money.


Dayum. Ouch. I don’t blame you.

Makes the money I have spent pale in comparison.

And I know I spent too much.

Happy trails.


Thanks for posting this, @KLinMayhem. It is definitely a valid explanation.

But I would still like to suggest you come back to the best alliance, Blazing Dusk, and follow Leroy’s footsteps down the F2P road. There is no pressure for buying all the new heroes and you can let others get A+ on the titans for a change. It’s all about having fun and see Leroy fumble the alliance banner and KILL THE FARGIN BASTAGES in wars. I am sure Leroy could inspire you to sing new songs, and while there is music, there is life.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best.

Cheers, my friend.


Thank you so much for sharing, and good for you to face it head on and take the decision!

I think your post is really important. It’s probably a solid reality check for many spenders, big, middle and small. Because I don’t think the companies that have these types of in-app purchases (can’t call them microtransactions at this point) are going to stop accepting our money.

I wish you all the best.


I concur with Guy’s assessment of the situation surrounding KLin’s retirement from the game.


Lmao Ray that’s perfect :joy::joy:


Thank you @KLinMayhem for sharing this. May we be wiser and learn from your gacha experience.

I’m new to the game and I know it would be so easy, perhaps too easy to spend money in the futile attempt to keep up with the joneses. There will always be another Hotm, and offers to purchase items to ascend rather than patiently grind away at the game (I’m working hard on the patience aspect). But at what cost?

Thanks again for the reality check. I wish you success in your next endeavour. :blush:


There’s no return on invest. Paying about 1K for a particular hero is way too much and would be devastating for me. Anybody would be another without that hero.

Playing should always be fun and absolutely not harm your life, your health or even your existance.

The addiction isn’t that harmful than to substances, but in both cases one should be able to control it. Otherwise it controls you and that’s the point where it gets out of control.

This community could be a good support group due to such postings like the one from @KLinMayhem.

Play - never get played :relieved:


Thanks! I’ve decided to keep on playing, but cut the spending down to very minimum. Maybe just vip every month and a little something else after that. :smiley:


You could use a debit card and charge your limit every month. The world keeps turning anyway…

Btw your roster will compete the next few years even without any further HotMs.

Think I’m going to do one of those prepaid cards haha


I really appreciate your honesty and courage in exposing your experience. Your experience is very sobering.
I think those that are at the top of this game have some similarities - including a drive for excellence. And excellence comes from practice, commitment, and detailed study of the game mechanics. And as one goes down this route and puts in hundreds of hours (as one does in one’s career) one realises it’s not a level playing field and one tries to tweak the odds of success. Maybe not “to win” but just to do a little better. A $1 purchase turns into $10 and $100…repeated…again and again…
I have never been bitter or upset at a failed 10 pull, I know its gambling, I love the game and my alliance, but I now realise its a slippery slope and I need to set a budget.

I do hope you continue playing, and enjoy being with your peers. I love my alliance mates, and it looks as if you are loved too.


I am very happy about your decision to stay!

It is fantastic to have you around, you are the greatest Mono4EVA defender in our PVP chat and also without spending big time, we all can have great fun together.


I joined this community page to express my deep disappointment with the way rewards/heroes are given.
I thought I was doing myself and the game developers a solid by purchasing a year vip, letting you know that I’d stick around - my draws on epic heroes have be awful in comparison to those in my alliance that have purchased single gem offers.
I was stoked about this Atlantis summons and the gem deal - so, on top of laying down $50 for the vip, I dropped more money - did the summons - 7, I believe, in total, and I got no decent draws. My friend, who has dropped no more than $25 here and there (and doesn’t play as regularly) got 3 beat sticks - the odds seem ramped towards those who are not “hooked” - the bait and switch sucks.

Totally disappointed,

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This is getting ridiculous. Another $100 down the drain for the same 3* heroes. I will hit level 50 before my 1 year mark. Atlantis fully completed minus the avatar missions. I have yet to receive 1 5* from an event, seasonal, or atlantis summons. While I watch those with numerous special 5* heroes pull more every time a special summons comes around. This is sickening. I’ve grinded in the game and have nothing to show for it besides a golden dragon and posiden avatar. All that hard work and constant dissapointment makes it very difficult to not just quit playing all together. The Crypt keeper. Member of Pious Miscreants PM

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