What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

I have been playing for about 3 or 4 months.
So far I have not spent a cent. My stronghold is a level 18, most of my other buildings are from level 6 to 17. My main team is almost 2800.
I play these games all the time. It is just a matter of being patient. You don’t need to spend anything. I realize this may not be fair to the the developers but they put it out for free so I take advantage of that. Don’t want to make anyone mad but some people do have self control.


One thing that would be nice to know and not be asking much is the bonus roll. Are the odds the same on the Epic gate as Elemental or does the increased chance at Legendary of Elemental apply to the bonus draw as well. After all the hero of the month is what most or after as you can’t get those from the TC. :slightly_smiling_face:

But some have impulse control problems, and it’s not just a matter of self control it’s a mental disorder, which mental disorders are not a weakness in a person it is a disease just like diabetes, you can’t just say to them just don’t have it.


Gacha in full effect! Just bought 10 of the brawler combo, and got 0 epic troop or hero tokens. lol


Point taken.


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Oh, please don’t buy those random packs from the store. The collective experience with all of them is horrible.

E&P is cleverly balanced so that even “whales” can’t buy a great team:

  • You may get a lot of hero cards, but you can’t buy meaningful quantities of ascension materials
  • You’ll also need feeder heroes, and those require grinding away for recruits
  • The HotM implicitly rewards long-time players: “founders” were able to get Hel and Athena, but not newbie millionaire.
  • there’s no mechanism to swap items/heroes with other players (which would create a black market)

There are some high-value use of gems in this game, and I strongly encourage people to focus a limited budget here:

  • accelerating a Hero Wanted chest by <2 hours (the more Wanted chests you close, the more Elemental Chests you’re likely to get)
  • Continuing the final levels of a Rare Quest if you’ve had a really good run and were really close to winning. 75 gems is a cheap way to “buy” the rare mat from the quest.
  • Getting some decent heroes at the start of the game. Pray for great 4* heroes, not 5*.
  • On Event pulls, hoping to get both the HotM and event heroes.
  • the VIP pass. Great price for gems, and the double builder lets you get TC20 built twice as fast. TC20 is the budget plan for getting quality heroes.

I see so many new players spend a pile on getting great cards, but then running into the buzzsaw of ascension mat scarcity. If instead you draw heroes modestly, remain active and join a decent alliance, you’ll find that the available heroes and available mats line up pretty well.


Thanks for this invaluable info! :smiley:

I completely agree with everything you stated in your post except for a quoted idea. May be I haven’t understood it, but to me HOTM can be equally pulled by a newbie and a long time player.

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The current HotM can be pulled by anyone. To get the previous ones, you had to be playing at the time they were available. And be lucky.

Though the devs have indicated that previous HotM will become available again this year somehow.


Tanks for this post… think the most “whales” know here we are pressed like a lemon till no sweet juice outcome… :((

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Good luck pulling a Hel this month?

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No. Fortune doesn’t favour me.

So how do we compel SGG to comply with apples terms and disclose odds?

Start reporting the app thru the app store?

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This. This. So much this.

I think we should open tickets en masse. If you start reporting for Apple, the game may be pulled from it and only kept on Android. The Android base I way bigger and there are no such rules at Play Store.

A needlessly elaborate schematic designed to confuse you into thinking you can play for free. Quickly gets too hard to do so. But more than the standard and expected money grab is the baffling added difficulty thrown at you to actually play the basic puzzle game. Upgrade a web of buildings in a long linear series to Recruit heroes to train heroes up levels to ascend heroes of five different types. With taking days to move each step. Why stop your gamers from playing? 1 star not for the money grab but the inane thoughts in the “boardroom” that this style of play is likeable by those that play puzzle matching games.

Speaking of money grabs though. This developers here are masterclass. You can (and will) pay hundreds of dollars (I have spent close to 1000 on this game) buying chances to get what you need. And the chances are (not surprisingly) near zero. Exact chances? Guess. And you won’t have to guess who figured out that in their boardroom? You will be laughed at in that boardroom. Key items are kept from you from fully ascending you heroes though which can’t be bought. Ascending them if you get lucky and pay money is amazingly difficult at higher levels with months of grinding (during which time you will be spending more money). Honestly this game makes you wonder why anyone would deal illegal drugs. Here the developers have found something more profitable, zero material cost and somehow legal.

App store review from 2 months ago.


This game is not for everyone, and there’s no harm in admiting when it’s not for you. But people prefer to complain instead of admitting it.


I am sure, in your months of playing, you have watched many “Mystic Visions”. In doing so, you have supported the game with ad revenue. Don’t feel like free to play is unfair to the developers as most F2P are still generating a small amount of ad revenue for them which adds up.

I am going through the challenge of teaching my 12 year old son the importance of self control and impulse control. He is very much about instant gratification and not thinking through the value or odds. While I spend a few dollars a month and only on the bang for your buck deals.

When he first started his account I told him not to spend his gems on Daily Summons and to save up 300 gems for Epic or Elemental summon. The next day he pulled a 3* with his free daily summons and promptly spent all of his 150 free gems on another pull, and was very upset with his 1* result. Some people have a hard time with things like this. He is also very quick to spend his allowance, my wife says it is always burning a hole in his wallet. Patience, budgeting, and saving are not inherently equal among us.


Thanks for the feedback. My grandson is the same way.

I’ve only been playing three months … and I’m wondering if there has been some “inflation” or “creep” in the ability to buy ascension materials? These ~monthly 9,750 :gem: deals for example include quite a few guaranteed ascension materials, both 3* and 4* for one example.

The spring deal schedule is another one; I think it was similar to a winter set of deals, although that was before my time; I don’t know if there was anything of the sort before that.

Does it seem to players who have been around longer than myself that the ascension materials purchasable have increased?

I do see that there is still very much a limit there, it just seems to be creeping upward.