What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

I understand pulls are random but when you pay 60 bucks and draw 2 of the 2600 and pull 20 level 3s and a few lev 4.
You constantly advertise pulling people in to get a few good cards and give nothing???

Also the grimforest challenge is completely unfair at all levels.

What a bunch of ]^{%%{

Hi @Geocap

Nothing I can do about summons odds, but if you want advice on completing the event there is lots of advice available.
If you post your team and which levels you are trying on an appropriate thread, I’m sure you will get plenty of help.
After learning from the forum I’ve managed to complete legendary with a 4* team.


Thanks re event Jonah, a bit late now.
And re odds man that reallllllllly sucks def kills the game. Spending money to get disappointed?
Yea not cool.

Good luck with the autumn event, let us know if it goes better or we can discuss tactics.

Wish I would have found details on the event. Didn’t know where to look. I would have certainly tried.

I have this thread bookmarked. It shows the color of the mobs on each level as well as the bosses and energy for each stage. @Mariamne did a great job putting this together :smile:

The completion rewards are also shown later in the thread.

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Already very good.

Training diaries (two tc20):

3* Kailani yellow
3* Renfeld purple
3* isshtak green
3* isshtak green
3* ishhtak green
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Carver green
3* Carver green
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Tyrum purple
4* Boril blue
3* Brienne green
3* Prisca purple
5* Sartana purple
3* Oberon purple
3* Kailani yellow
3* Karil blue
3* Nashgar red
5* Vivica yellow
3* Carver green
3* Ulmer blue
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Karil blue
3* Renfeld purple
3* Graymane blue
3* Valen blue

4* Boril blue
4* Kirill blue
3* Gunnar blue


Only think is i spend 26 pulls today and get 24 3* and 2 4 *. And what need to say that is my last money

This game also cheats. I have all four star or better hero’s all ascended to their top levels and troops are at high levels, yet I go a stretch of losing in raids to people who have two and three star heroes. The beginning of the day I had 965 trophies, now I’m at 685 because I keep losing raids to what I mentioned above. I have two star heroes taking out my four star ones in one hit. What’s going on here?? This game starts to cheat when you’re doing good or my guess it does it to try and make you spend money on hero packs

Just asking, I’m sire you’ve already checked, but it your defence team set to the right one?

I thought I was getting screwed and turns out my defence team was accidentally set on feeders…

Congratulations on the Dev who invented the Atlantis summons.

As a purely monetary decision, this is the best idea SG has ever had.

Since they are old HotM, players already know which ones are good, suck and are just okay.

The lower odds not only bring in much more money but satisfy the original players who spent hundreds to get HotM Alberich when he first came out.

One of my teammates just spent “Over one thousand “ USD to get Alberich from Atlantis summons.

I just spent my first money of the game on summons since I rage quit for 4 months because of Misandra/ Natalya/ Athena. Then had to buy hero slots because I got Atlantis heroes I won’t level up, but don’t feel comfortable trashing.


How do you know what heroes you lost to? You can only see his defense team. It’s common practice not to use your best heroes on defense, making it easier to fill your hero chest. Not sporting, but common.


Wow i so agree with you it took me almost 1000 gems to get thru season 2 prov 7 level 10. I was reall enjoying the game and that made me sick i might have to stop playing cuz i cant afford it and that sucks.

If you can’t complete a seasonal level, it’s not worth spending gems to continue it. The best approach is to go back, farm, improve your heroes, then come back and kick it to the curb when you’re stronger.
Unlike an event or rare quest with valuable loot and limited duration, the provinces of both seasons are there indefinitely and don’t go away, so there’s no point spending gems to beat them.

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I appreciate sg work and really like this game but honest…atlantis coin income-nerfed…epic token?havent seen that in months-myszic vision-nerfed…wanted chests nerfed…all chests nerfed…350 gems to at pull?..tc20 not even one hero added for ages and it aint gonna change…balance of the game?put at least 25-30% of your hardearned paycheck if u wanna get something remote playable to compare with oligarh’s sons or politicians sons(respect to both)…game is getting very p2w

Spend a €120; and not a single 5* mob.

Absolutely fantastic read. This highlights many of the things I’d seen my fellow alliance members talk about. Itll be nice to have something to direct them to to read.

simple: stop spending and keep playing for free. You get more value for your time.

Also? I am positive you got some good heroes in there that you are thoroughly discounting.

Chill out on the money.

Like they say in gambling “If you cannot afford to lose it, do not gamble with it.”

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Never ceases to amaze me how many people get upset due to spend X amount and not getting a 5* or worse yet, the 5* they wanted. For the most part, if you get anything above a 3* you’ve done well. If you accept that your pulls will be a lot less stressful.


Apparently Pokemon GO Devs got so much anger over RNG and evolution items that they are only using one evolution item for Gen 4.

In Empires, this would be the same as removing all 3* ascension items except compasses and all 4* ascension items except Damascus blades.

Currently on my account ( I only have one rainbow team of 4* 4.70, and no 5* 3.1, so add plus four to each 3* ascension item ):

25x Trap tools,
15x Hidden blades,
15x Warm capes,
13x Orbs ( not for long with Joon & Jackal )
13x Sturdy shields

12x Farsight telescopes,
10x Royal Tabards,
7x Mysterious tonics,
6x Poison darts,
5x Mystic Rings