What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")



But that’s not a problem. If a game is not fun anymore, you quit and move on to another. It’s simple as that.


Tought was the same too :smile:


Somewhat relevant to the topic, there is an article on eurogamer about a popular console game with a similar transaction model to EP. A Big spending player used the Euro GDPR rules to request all the info the vendor had about him.

The curious part is that they released the information about what ‘loot’ packages had been purchased, but refused to release what random generated loot was received by the customer from those packs. Not that they did not have the information , rather they refused on some rather legal technicality about that aspect being a trade secret.

It’s an interesting read, for another perspective , about another gacha game ,

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Also, if SG give you grief, declare Exterminatus. I’d love to see a Guin tank Vs a Land Raider


The odds don’t deter! It’s classic that the ones who even could complain that they f-ed up a gamble are the same ones who would do it even with a .0005 % chance! Being informed only leaves those people a) angrier at themselves to a further raunchy debauch or b) willing to justify their actions by blaming the system and it’s shinies!
Pray their struggles lead them to GA,AA, or NA where they can find serenity and stop expecting SG to be their higher power.


Hmm, the external links I use are all E&P-related.

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We should soon be able to see the actual odds of our hero pulls thanks to Apples update on developer guidelines last december:

“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”


The tricky part of the transactions is that with this game you aren’t actually paying for loot boxes. You pay your money for gems, then you exchange those ingame gems for the loot box, which technically is not a monetary transaction. A loophole which evades the apparent intent of the Apple update. Until either Apple or Google sets terms which close that loophole, or someone, ie any company using the same tactic, not necessarily SG, is taken to court over it and a legal precedent is set, we probably won’t see a change.


That’s exactly as @paulon said. You buy the gems. You do whatever you want with them, INCLUDING pulling for heroes. Unless they change the wording on the rule saying that anything randomized must reveal the odds, SG isn’t breaking any rule (moral, maybe, but that’s not the point).


Stupid loopholes :frowning:


Regardind past HotMs, i think they will be available again with season 2, isn’t it?


The beta Season 2 portal includes Hel and Perseus. My guess is that they will rotate the old hotm, in periodically.

Note that pulling a HotM from the Atlanta portal IS the summons. It’s not a bonus pull, like the current HotM.


That’s the problem with people who came here looking for some miracle. Those who came because they LIKE match 3 games, and also the stuff that this game brings on top of it… I assume won’t get that bored or frustrated.

I would like to see different versions of match 3, like they did with those easter eggs which would explode.


Yup!!! Gotcha exactly what they do


Why even try if your whole group doesn’t spend megs bucks???


Rocket league released drop rates for their game on 7/23.


Incorrect gem shopping. 3000 gem 10 rare 0 epic heroes.


RNGesus doesn’t like you.


First, excellent post @Almeida! Really helpful and well thought out. You’re right about the pull rate included as making a huge difference in managing player expectations and experience.

The only other Gacha I play is The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. It’s got pull rates clearly listed for both its regular daily pulls & for special events. I’ll edit with a cap of their listing system. :+1:t2: