What exactly are the new rules for posting in Alliance Recruitment chat?

I am in a Line group of nearly 400 alliance leaders. It seems that recently a number of people are being suspended from AR and general chat and they have not recently changed their chatting behavior. I appreciate that someone is attempting to control the AR chat as that has been a complete free-for-all until now, but no one really knows what is allowed anymore. One individual said that she posted a recruitment ad no more often than once every 5 minutes and received a suspension. There are people that spend quite a lot of time in AR not actually recruiting, but reporting people that are posting ads. Can we have actual rules stating clearly what is allowed and what will result in a suspension? Doing it based on other players’ opinions seems very dangerous and likely to be abused. Also, if someone is suspended, are they allowed to request the chat chat log of the offending post? That would allow players to change their behavior based on actual facts rather than speculation, which now seems to be the case.


Yes, please, to a clear outline of chat rules!

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Absolutley necessary.

SGG, if you need somebody for administration of the geman chatrooms, I would do it. :sunglasses::+1:

Wow…nothing? I’m thinking the typical “ignore questions we don’t like” might not be a great idea here.

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Seems recruiting in this game has a lot of room for improvement


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