What Else do you Like to Play? Magic the Gathering, Heroes Might & Magic 2, etc

Hi All,

Just wonder if someone else plays something similar like Empires and Puzzles.

I personally always liked a card game called Magic the Gathering (MtG):


And from computer games: Heroes of the Might and Magic 2

I believe the authors of the game and community have similar hobbies as they are some similarities - may be or mayby not.


Anyone? Or no one likes such or similar games?

I never played any games like E &P and swore I wasn’t going to either. I started playing word games, then some match 3 games and stumbled upon this one. I was very confused at first (still am if I’m being honest).

A fellow player convinced me to start playing Legendary Game of Heroes. It’s a beautiful game and I really enjoyed it for a few months. Then I realized there really wasn’t any strategy, no randomness. A team of purples always took out a team of yellows, for instance.

Perhaps I wasn’t competative enough and should have tried more strategy to climb a leaderboard but I started to find it very tedious. No auto fight button!

Now I spend all my time playing E & P and I’m very happy with my at times very frustrating game!

I believe that all topics on the Forum must be at least nominally about Empires and Puzzles (see Rule 9).


I’m sorry, but this thread will be closed. :slight_smile:

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