What does X% damage means?

Hi everyone, hope you enjoy playing the game. Does anyone know what dealing X% damage mentioned in the hero cards means?
Notice: I know that the damage dealt depends on many factors like how much your attacking points or the opponent hero defence points are, I know about attack/defence ratio and I’m not asking about that.
My question simply is what “deals 450% damage” means? 450% OF WHAT?

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It’s multiplied by the Hero’s in-battle attack stat, including any attack buffs, Troops, Emblems, and base stat.

So 450% means 4.5 times that number.


Does this help?


Thanks. By in-battle attack you mean tile damage? If so, how many tiles? Just one or more?

I mean their Attack stat during a battle, at the moment they fire, based on:

  • Base Hero Attack
  • Increases from Talent Grid
  • Increases from Troop
  • Increases/Decreases from Status Effects
  • Unlisted 20% Bonus, if on a Defense Team

Tile damage is also based on those factors, but is divided by 3, i.e. 3 tiles are the equivalent to 100% damage.

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