What does Top 100 Alliance really mean?

Making the list is an achievement!
Those that are consistently on the list have an admirable level of dedication! And they number 15 alliances? Maybe 20.
I don’t want to belittle that, or start some kind of shaming for recruiters. Just looking for general clarification, I see it often:

I only tag @BlackZed for his non biased analyses

I see it MOSTLY in recruitment ads,
Then I go look in the top 100 and do NOT see,
said alliances.

I often wonder what the statute of limitations is for being a “Top 100 alliance”?

Your alliance is Top 100 if…
  • Was in the Top yesterday
  • Was in the Top last week
  • Was in the Top last month
  • Permanently a Top alliance if ever visited
  • Must be on the list or description is removed
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If the last choice is most popular then there are too many top 100 alliances to even fit on the list. The list changes every day! The descriptions on the other hand… do not.

So then how many alliances visit the list from day to day?


Then the word consistency plays in.

What does being a Top 100 alliance actually mean?


Interesting topic!

When I hear top 100 alliance I think it would show up in the top 100 alliance scores and would compete for top 100 in alliance events. Not necessarily guaranteed every day and event but certainly competing for it.

I’m not in a top 100 alliance so this is my outsider stance. I know my alliance advertises a ranking much higher than we ever seem to be at (@Math-Teacher).


The in-game ranking is very volatile, depends on titan kill times, cups of all members and war results.
Its consensus between the top alliances, that only the war ranking matters.
Therefore the list provided earlier by @Beezer and now by @Hilaria is the best to rank competitive alliances.
They rank only alliances who fight most of their wars with 30 players. Even absolute top alliances become unranked if they fight too many wars below that.
Many alliances who are not full, but were top100 at the time they had 30 active members are claiming to be a top100 alliance. I think there are 120-150 alliances with the potential to be in top100 if full.
So IMO its ok advertising themselfes as a top100 alliance
while recruiting.

Happy gaming


Does this suggest that there are only 20-50 alliances that shift off and on the list?

@Hilaria does that number jive with your data?

I agree.
Now theres a range.
How many “compete” for it?

Anyone competing for it, is Top 100 in my book.
That means they have a game plan.
Follow it.
And see the list from time to time.

I’ve said 1,000 alliances before.
My guess is 300,
That would be 9,000 players. Making 1% of the active population fit the bill of top 100.
That’s pretty dang good.
Maybe 300 is still a low number?


The gatekeepping is strong with this one. Maybe 100 isn’t an good cut off anymore. If there’s too much volitility there, we should be using the top 50 or 25.

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titan score hasn’t been relevant in years. 2017 top titans started getting chained, and will continue to be chained for the remaining life of the game regardless of whether sg extends the goal posts beyond 14s or not.

so imo there should be a way to sort the leaderboard by war score(been suggested for Years so very unlikley to happen ever…)

that’s the main separator. titan score inflates and deflates the ranks way too much to be a solid point of reference for the strength of an alliance, hell there’s alliances with 20-25 members that chain 14s…

if mythics and aq could be calc’d into alliance score as well(even replace regular titan score with mythic score), even better.


For many moons, we were completely stable and floated right around 200. We had some folks come and go for a while and we bounced around 500. Currently we sit at 150.

I thought about changing the ad when we weren’t at our best rank but figured it was just a matter of time before we returned.


Ran a marathon last year and finished in the top 100.

This year I finished in the top 250 but obviously I’m still top 100.

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  • never been close to the top

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