What does this mean? (v39 test on decreasing Raid defense team buff)

I don’t think the defense boost has been lowered yet.

While you have v39 downloaded, the features have not been made active yet.

It may not become active or apparent until limit breakers are more of a factor. It may also be tied into the number of limit breakers present in the defense.

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Hello, we have now started this test. You can read more information about the test here:


I would stand in line to get the chance of a Proteus costume (if that is planned). :wink: I have gotten 2 of him this year after a 2 year wait and want to see if I can replicate (As I am a total newbie here I cant tag anyone so imagine there is an (@) NittanyLionRoar results. He dies fast but is still way ahead of Hansel and deserves a buff.

Diamond? Or what? Just wondering please

@Petri and @KiraSG … I am sorry but I am also confused. Could you please clarify what SG means by High-Level Raids in this “test”.
Thank you. And apologies if I am missing something obvious

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I have confirmed that the defense “boost” reduction of the +20% for attack and defense is active in the game. Faced a team with a +20 MN and calculated the defense boost. It is now 18% instead of the 20% it was previously. This MN had a base defense of 879, but in battle it was 1037. This equates to the 18%. Pre-nerf it would have been 1055 defense instead of 1037. Enough to make a difference? Maybe. We’ll see over the next week or two how raids go.

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I still don’t understand what is meant by high-level raids in this “testing” in reduction of defence boost.

Is it just in Diamond ?

I think it’s just legendary heroes? Can’t confirm, but I think I read that somewhere.

Did U count troop + in it?

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Hmmm, good point. He had a level 30 mana troop on her. That’s the 18% bonus. Is the defensive boost totally wiped now? In this case it was!!!

Starting a new topic specifically related to calculating the impact of the decreased defence bonus mechanic. I’m aware there is another thread asking what it is however I thought it was sufficiently different. If not, feel free to move.

I’ve tested this on a few heroes using the dot mechanic you can see how much the hidden bonus is. Usually it’s 20% so if you have a dot of 100 after emblems and troops, on defense that dot would have been 120. If now it was 110 you could infer that the new defence boosy for the hero is 10%.

I’ve tracked about 6 different hero’s to test what SG mean when they say they the defence bonus is reduced depending on the stats of the legendary hero.

  1. Mariana no costume +20 emblems and a lv29 mana troop. Calculated dot using 20% would be 544. Dot actually seen was 522. This infers a defense bonus of 15%

  2. Uraeus +19 lv 30 mana troop. Calculated dot @20% is 512. dot seen is 483, implies new Def bonus of 13%

  3. Crystallis+20 lv 15 ninja troop. Calculated dot @20% bonus is 76 per turn, actual dot seen is 71. Implies Def bonus of 11%


My initial analysis is that it’s based on the attack stat with emblems and troop bonuses applied. This is based on plotting a scatter chart and addi no g a trend line which was 90% accurate

If this is the case, then it implies the old 20% bonus would apply on a final attack of around 750 and a 10% bonus at around an attack of 1250.

This feels in line with the min and Max attacks you could have with 5s so my hypothesis is the Def bonus max is 20% for the lowest possible 5 attack with no emblems and low troops, and reduces to 10% for the highest attack stats in the game with best troops etc.

Clearly more data would be needed to confirm or come up with a better hypothesis. But I believe this to be in the correct ballpark


I’ve a feeling the numbers may move over the next little while as they get more data on the effect of reductions and whether they lead to a higher percentage of losses than anticipated before they re-settle on a given percentage.

Yes very good point -it is called a test after all, just trying to highlight the kind of thing they are looking at right now and understand that changes they are actually making.

For me, the questions it brings up is are dot heroes now worse than before in Def? And what impact does costume stats have on the Def bonus ie is it even worth it?

And lastly, should I not really care about stats in defence any more of they are normalised? Just look for synergies only etc and focus on offence for emblems? What difference will that make etc

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Yes, it will be interesting to see the outcome of the effect it has ( I am less impacted on the DoT part as only levelled heroes I have of that are JF at 3/70, Colen and Nashgar) Very interested to see the outcome of your research so I’m going to update my preferences to tracking on this one.

My main hesitancy would be that some of the data you manage to gather may corrupt the main set while they are tinkering in the background. There is a really good data collection thread in the player guides section which has had a lot of recent work on trying to drill down the old formula even further, it may be possible for you to incorporate some of that into your project.

The initial easy part to see will be the sniff test of hey that 20 emblem costume joon is no longer one shooting my rigard, but bigger picture is always welcome.

Wait a minute. I thought DOTs are consistent on what they do and does not get affected by the defense stat.

It’s not based on the DEF stat of the hero, he means that the DOT damage getting an X% boost when cast by a hero in the defense team during raids.

My Clarissa does 141 poison damage against non-Holy per turn in attack, but in Defense, she’s hitting for 164 with the same troop.

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Tested it with gravemaker, Atk stats during battle with emblems and max crit troop 1005 and I got a 14.5% hidden stat boost via dot. So seems consistent with your chart. 1005 Atk is exactly in the middle between your estimated 750 and 1250 Atk and so is 15%.
So I think you are on the right track, great work :+1:

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So they are going to release limit breakers and then reduce the starting buff for defensive teams. Am I the only one here who feels like this is stepping in the right direction then doing just the opposite?

Next question is, What about the next those 30% abilities that are going off way more than stated. We all know there is a defensive buff going on there to the %s

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