What does the number by the sword icon mean?


Hi all! I’m new here. I’ve been browsing through all these very informative posts and loving the discussion.

I have a question, that’s probably a very newbie question. In the Quests section, above each level, there’s a sword icon and a number. For example in the Shrikewood quest that just appeared, the 4th level is labeled “Hard” and right above that there’s a world energy “16”, and next to that is the sword icon with the number “2670”

Is “2670” what your approximate team strength needs to be to tackle this level? Or does it mean something else?



Yes, it’s suggested Team Power. (I always like to take about 300 more power than suggested, but I’m cautious.)

Remember that a 3000 defense team will function differently than a 3000 Offense team. Check your heroes and assemble the team you think will do well. Don’t forget to add upgraded Troops and items!

Lastly, if you notice the Quest enemies are all one color (green, say), be sure to double up on the opposing color to give your team more punch!

BLUE beats Red
RED beats Green
GREEN beats Blue
YELLOW / PURPLE beat each other


Good suggestions! Thank you!