What does the Barracks Level Gold/Yellow Border added in Version 22 signify? [Answer: that it’s an Advanced Building]

Anyone know what the gold border that surrounds the barracks level number signifies that has appeared in the version 22 release?

It signifies an Advanced building. When they activate the rest of the update, all Advanced buildings will have a gold border


Thanks for the information!

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Hide and Seek

Just to expand on this, gold borders help tell the Advanced Buildings level 1 to 10 from other buildings Level 1 to 20.

Rumor from Beta says Advanced Buildings kept hiding among your other buildings before the border.


Conversion double arrow icon is gold if converting to an advanced building is an option ( enough iron ).


Conversion double arrow icon is red if converting back to a regular building ( available builder ).


Updated with graphics



Has it always been like that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, it’s new in V22. I’m guessing all advanced buildings will have the golden border so they can be distinguished from the regular buildings.



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(Barracks Level Gold Border)

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General question: I got new update installed but cannot upgrade stronghold yet (which is correct for sure until all got upgrade) but how can people ask such questions and sent such screenshots, when they should also not be able to upgrade anything further than level 20?
What do I miss?

I think ios version must come out before we can start developing our strongholds to level 21.

I just updated my IOS version, and can’t upgrade it

They will add the ability to upgrade after everyone installed the update.

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You can upgrade after your stronghold got the upgrade to level 21 and this is still not possible atm

My barracks has a yellow level. Anyone know why?

That means it is an advanced building. Part of v22 release

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It’s a new feature in v22. Barracks are considered an “advanced building”. Version 22 introduces more advanced building and that’s the way to distinguish them from “base” buildings.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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