What does make sense for me to kill titans and to take part in alliance wars?

Sorry for my bad English, but I’ll try. I just want you to understand me correctly, honorable developers. I don’t need gifts. I like this game, because it’s really interesting. But the only thought, I want to convey to you is that I’m really active player. I’m spending money for everything, whether it be clothes, food, cars, games or anything else with no regrets. But I want to know, what I’m paying for. In this game, for example I don’t mind spending money for summoning heroes and troops. And I’ve spent a lot of money for summons. But what is the reason for me to summon these heroes and troops and level up and ascend them? The reason for me is to use them in alliance wars and titan battles. So, what is the reason to beat titans and to take part in alliance wars? The reason is to get ascention materials. But not these materials, which I can get in any province in two minutes. The reason for me is to get these same materials, which I can get only in wars and titan battles. And if l can’t do this, why do I need all these heroes and troops? So why should l spend my money for useless things? There must be at least anything in any game, what I’m playing for, what l can win. Not buy, but exactly win. That’s what I’m trying to explain. And if I can’t do this, what is the reason for me to create the alliance, to organize people, to start beating titans at any time of day or night, to take part in two days guest - alliance war, to ascend dozens of heroes to beat titans and to fight in wars effectively? So, as people played mercenaries and they will. Think about it honorable developers. You must give us the reason, the target, the goal (may be my English isn’t good enough), anything at all to make us spend our money with no regrets. If you wouldn’t do this, you can come up with any rules, but your ideas (good ideas) would be fruitless. If l didn’t like this game, l wouldn’t spend so much of my time on these letters. Think about it honorable developers, don’t force active players to loose interest and to leave this game.


This game is not designed to have easy “end goals”. It’s built more for the people that like the feeling of progression. Organize friends and enjoy the journey. It will take time. What you are seeking is already there. Just not as easy to get as you’d like, and that is by game design. The tougher titans you beat, the better chances at those rare ascension items to further your progression.

Your English is fine. What level Titans are you trying to beat? How long have you been playing the game? :slight_smile:

Glad you are on the Forum!

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I’m in this game almost from the beginning. My alliance is beating 8-9* titans. We have a very disciplined alliance. It’s called Limited Online. We almost always win alliance wars and almost always get shabby loot, that you can get in any province in two minutes. Is this correct?

If you’re asking if others are getting better AW loot the answer is no. AW loot is mediocre. We fight them for the joy of it, not the payoff :slight_smile:


No, I don’t think, that others get loot, better, than me. But this doesn’t mean, that it should be so. We shouldn’t be silent, it’s necessary to speak about this.

I wasn’t saying to be quiet. Just trying to answer your question.

I don’t agree that improving loot odds helps the game in any way. The rarity of ascension items is the central aspect of the game IMO.

What I WOULD like to see is a Loot Pile feature where for both Wars and Titans we get to see the total of the winning share of loot that will be assigned to our alliance so we know what we are fighting for.

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We also play War for funsies, but I’m a loot hog at heart. I’m always for more loot if it’s available…