What does it take to land a 5*?

I’ve played for 7 months now, paying some small amounts for gems here and there. For almost all of that time, I:

  • complete all chest-quests asap, and skip 2x timers daily
  • participate in all raid tourneys
  • complete all events
  • spend all flags, except for when I sleep
  • spend gems only on summons
  • participate in alliance wars
  • usually get an ‘A’ on titan damage

Yet, through all the Epic Summon Tokens, Atlantis Coins, and gems, I’ve never seen a 5*. I almost have enough ascension mats to take a rainbow team of them to 80.

I’m currently waiting on Stronghold 20, which will be followed by TC20.

I’m just feeling very disheartened, and wanted to see if there were other best-practice strategies I could be using to secure good heroes.


I played almost exactly like you since I started playing and after 8 months I got my very first 5* hero, which was Ranvir on a 1x atlantis pull

So you are at the same pace I was. I don’t think there are other best-practice strategies. Keep believing.


Well, it’s just luck, actually. I was running with 1 elkanen a long time, and couldn’t finish him anyway, I got some luck from pulls about the same time u started training camp 20. Now I have 7 5 stars, but still no one is done jet :sweat_smile:. If you get A with 4stars than you probably got lucky at least with good 4 stars. :wink: Just be patient and luck will come to you as well


Activity does not effect RNG on drawing 5* heroes or 4* troops.

It does help your odds of being to power level a character once you get them since you will have stockpiled the necessary ascension materials for them.


Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll probably keep trucking away.


Your best source for 5* if you are not a big spender is TC20. Keep grinding away and you’ll start getting some 5* soon(ish).


I have a Wu Kong, who effectively doubled my titan hits. I do like my 4* teams, working on ascending my 3rd rainbow now. And because I don’t have any 5*'s, I’ve had plenty of time to bring 20+ 3* up to 50, so I have lots of options for events and raid tourneys. I’ll try to look at that as a blessing… ?


That is a solid base to build on in the game. I was (un)lucky in drawing a HOTM in my 3rd month playing, and a second one two months later. As a result I am still playing catch-up a year later on my 4*'s.

It still took me 8 months to level my first 5*.


I didn’t see a single 5 star for 6 months until I got lucky at a summons gate. It is a matter of luck as they are low percentages after all. Just keep plugging away and eventually one will show itself.

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It is, tbh. I’ve been in a few alliances. Common complaint amongst those with a team of 5s is “I have no depth.”


All these don’t work as well :sleepy:



I feel that in my soul, spirit, chi, chakra, energy, and gut . My family gathered around me for my 7x Atlantis summons. So disappointing.


To speak frankly, you need one or more of the following:

  • Luck
  • Cash
  • TC20

Sounds like your luck has been poor and you’re not applying much cash (which is completely fine). So, focus on getting TC20 running—at least two.


I got Lianna on my first and only atlantis 10 pull (last month) I’ve only been playing 3 months she’s currently @ 1/27 I’ve only feed her when I have no other 3* heroes to feed because I don’t have the mats to ascend her so I see no reason to lvl her until I can make use of her.


TC 20 + 3-5 months and you’ll be rocking Horghall and Dom


F2P that started playing Jan. 2018, I have very little luck when it comes to summons. All of my classic 5* came from TC20, and I did not get my first one (Azlar) until 7 to 8 months in. The lone bright spot in the summons has been the March 2019 HoTM (Frida) that came on an 100 Atlantis Coins (resulted in a 3* feeder).

Empire and Patience.


It’s entirely based on luck I feel like. I only have one 5* and I have been playing for like a year my boyfriend got 2 in the first couple of weeks of playing :joy: I was shocked & upset but it happens unfortunately


Have been playing for 7 months, have 11 *5, including 2 HotM ( Anzogh x 2 & Seshat), 2 former HotM from Atlantis (Musashi & Greg), 4 x TC20 trainings (Quintus, Richard, Sartana & Azlar) and 2x Event Pulls (Red Hood, Rumpel)

I really was not looking for any of them, I usually pull to get some *4 key heroes ( Wilbur, Triton & Proteus - still missing -), (Jackal, Falcon, Merlin, Gretel, Hansel - still missing-)… Considered myself as a C2P… Have the mats to ascend a rainbow of *5, and now collecting for a 2nd team of *5… None of my *5 are beyond 3.70 so far, I’m really focused to have a solid base of *4 first…

It is a nice feeling to pull expecting to have a new *4 for my roster and get an unexpected *5… And get the dayly training from any of my 2 TC20 expecting the regular *3 and get an unexpected *5…

Having no expectations and knowing this game requires a lot of patience could save a lot of dissapointments…and helps to enjoy it as it is: a game for having fun!!!


Similar scenario here.
Dont do a lot of purchases and rarely try a pull. Playing for nearly a year and decided to pull a specific color hero and got my first 5*, and HOTM, Miki.
Probably would see a 5* sooner with doing more pulls but it is supposedly all random and they show the percentages.
I also had just got my 20 SH and TC before the 5* pull.


It takes time to get 5*. It also can be the worst thing to happen to a newer player. The time and materials you invest in a 5* are better put to use getting several solid, maxed, 4* teams in place. 4* are the backbone of E&P.

I made this mistake myself, my very 1st summons was Musashi…spent quite awhile trying to level him only to learn that I lacked the ascension materials to max him. Luckily these forums saved me. I course corrected, stopped worrying about 5* and concentrated on 3-4*.

Once you have enough 3-4*, which will help you gain the AM’s needed for a 5* then, and only then, begin working on them.
Your TC20 will eventually be a great source of 5*, keep in mind it can take many, many feeders and time until they produce.

Try keeping your gems for Atlantis Rising. Better heroes, chance at old HotM along with the current HotM.

Good Luck and May RNGesus throw you a few extraordinary bones!!


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