What does it take to build an amazing alliance?

The right people, amazing people… That’s what it takes to build an a top level alliance you can be proud of.

Blazing Dusk is building something special and are looking for players who want to be part of this long term adventure. We seek experienced mid to high level players ready to join the Blazing Dawn family !


Great alliance and great people. Join up today!

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We really have amazing folk here! :love_you_gesture::wink: Join us!!!

Sounds lovely , but I’m not competitive. Phoey and I can be a DíCk sometimes… but I like the recruitment banner !

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Great alliance to be a part of! Now is your chance to join the Blazing family!

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Great alliance, been there for a while now, finally an alliance where wars are fun! Very supportive environment. Proof that it is possible to be competitive without being a##hats. :smiley:

Join us before the start of next war!

Have you outgrown your alliance ? Are you ready for what’s next ? Join us !

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