What does it mean that a player is playing on a different app version?

I was going through my member list to see if I needed to boot anyone, when i came across a couple of my older players who haven’t been on for awhile, there was a note at the bottom that said “this player is playing on a different app version” please tell me what that means.
Here is a screen shot…

That means they haven’t done the update


Yes person hasn’t done the update…if you are in the same alliance you can ask them to update…

That dude quit the game lmao

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How can you be certain? Could just be a 6 month vacation. :thinking: :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Yep, definitely gone… I kick after 3 days unless there are special circumstances. If I have an active player who suddenly stops, I give them extra time, or if they let me know they will be away, they opt out on wars

Check this out…

@Kerridoc @Coppersky @Rook @zephyr1 can you merge this with master?

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Thanks for looking out for a duplicate!

I’m inclined to leave this topic separate for people searching in the future, since the OP isn’t asking about Raids in particular, just what the message means in general. I updated the thread title when it was created to make it easier for people with the same question to find it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for answering my question.

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