What does Defensive Team mean?


Recently, I was raided and lost. (Really not much for PvP anyways). I believe when defending on “The Map”, should my name come up as the opponent for an 'Outpost"; however, it seems that the last team [#2]I used for a Titan attacking has all direct Damage Heroes rather than any whom Heal or Buff (multiple waves expected) - was the one targeted.
If that’s the case, a more balanced and my strongest team would be preferred choice, but nothing clear other than an assumption now that when exiting the game for offline length of time, should always be Team #1! No?


You choose your Defense team by clicking the defense button in the middle of the screen:

If you use another team to Raid, etc, it will show it is not the defense team; the button will be blank:


That much was obvious, thank you.
The quandary was more subdued in that when I’m attacked from a raid, which team is then used?
The team I lasted used (#2 Titan hitters) was hit rather then my expected Defensive team, which Defends an outpost I believe. Team #1 has my highest level heroes as well is more balanced compliment with a healer.

If the last team I used is target, by default, a simple workaround would be to make sure #1 is set while offline.
It would be nice to have an answer rather than just conjecture how the game’s logic is resolved.


The game always uses your defensive team when attacked via outpost or raid.


How do you know this? The outpost and the screen that pops up when you open the game both just show the attacker’s team. If you clicked on Revenge it will default to your current attack team (i.e. the team you used last). That doesn’t mean they were used as your defensive team though.


This is why I posted the pics. Talisax is correct.


Yes Talisax is right. Also when you click the opponent it will show their defense team. You don’t know if they used that or another team to attack you.


From Titan I first go out. The baskets never violate. I miss missions but what I play and this. I also rated the 5 * game and nothing


I’m sorry I don’t understand you Roxana:

  1. What about Titans?

  2. What do you mean “violate baskets”?

  3. [sentence unintelligible]

  4. Why do you expect to get something for rating the game 5 stars??



I’ve never had purple baskets. I always have the titan of 5 * 6 * and the awards are disgusting. I do missions and miss the prizes nothing. I was so passionate about this game. And I’ve got five since I just played this game


Ahhh, okay. It’s Purple chests (like a pirate chest of treasure). They are random BUT seem to appear when you have cleared a certain number of the other chests:

100 monster chests (up to 2x daily)
40 Raid chests (1x daily?)
5 Titan chests (1x every 5 days if you win)

When I was clearing these chests as shown, I might see 1 purple chest every 1-2 weeks. It was not often, but it did happen.

Does this help?


Just to be clear, the answer they are giving you is what the Developers have also said. So it is not just conjecture by players but rather known information from those who designed the game.

When I raid you I see your defense team. When I open your profile I see your defense team. When you raid me, you get to pick who you use and you will go against my defense team. These are all known functions within the game.

Hope that helps clarify it a little better for you.