What does Defence against special skill mean?

Hi guys, I want to know what is defence special skill, I mean for example Zulag increase defence special skill, does it contains status too? For example if Isarnia attack Zulag, can she resist against decreasing defence?

No, it is for direct damage only

When lianna shoot with her specials it usually deals about 800-ish damage.

If zulag activates her specials, it will reduce lianna special damage to her maybe about 250-ish.

So zulag will reduce raw damage only.

If you want a hero that can reduce ailments (def down, DoT, attck down). It will be Reuben, a december HoTM that can reduce 50% ailments received. He can reduces isarnia -44% def down to -22% under his special protection.


It only reduces direct damage from special skills, so it doesn’t affect other effects like debuffs or Damage Over Time.

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So my Zulag would be useless

To resist status ailments you will want Grazul or Vanda. I forget the ninja that does it as well but she is the red one

So Malosi block Zulag all skills

He should, didnt even think about him. He would be a great counter him and mist steamed up with beay her every time