What does a player have to do to get beta


I placed 9 a long time ago using no items. No way you can do that now.

Dator wants beta too lol


are you guys in the active player lounge?


No we applied for that too…not feeling the love lol


that is pretty surprising. @Petri im pretty sure E&P royalty such as UCLA and Dator deserve to be in the Active Player Lounge at least :slight_smile:


Huh. If I’m in the active player lounge, to my genuine surprise, I can’t imagine why UCLA and Dator aren’t.


Can you please explain what the active player lounge is? I’m waiting for beta opening as well - would like to contribute valuable feedback. :slight_smile:


I too have never heard of the active player lounge. Is this exclusive to “original” active players? I think I’m pretty active - just earned regular badge yesterday :slight_smile: Exclusive list of 66!


I wasn’t put in Active Players until I became a mod…


The existence of the secretive Active Players Lounge has been recently confirmed:


“The first rule of Active Player Lounge…”




Don’t forget that there is a geriatric lounge as well: Ordo templi dementia. I would’ve told you how to get in there, but my memory isn’t what it used to be.


I Thanks @kahree. I applied to the forum. Let’s see if they want my perspective. And @Maldoror, if I find the way, I’ll hold your hand and take you there. I’ve leveled up to a milestone here recently so the path is becoming clearer. :slight_smile:


how can you enter there? because Ale83 is always in the top events