What does a player have to do to get beta

I’ve been playing for well over a year now. Love the game. I admittedly still set alarms so that my flags are never full. Got to keep the countdown going. I’m level 72 so pretty active. In a top 5 alliance and have won 3 of the last 4 legendary events. I thought they said beta would be opened up again when season 2 was released but I haven’t seen anything. I did apply like a year ago but heard nothing back. Just wondering what one has to do? Most of my competitors have it and have the luxury of testing new heroes and can decide if they want to save ascension mats. The selection obviously doesn’t go by gameplay so I was just curious what the deciding factors are?


join 7D lol jk

beta has an application process, but only accept applications once in awhile. When the application process is open, just apply. Idk what the deciding factors are, sometimes it seems like they just put the names in a hat and draw them randomly.

have seen some applicants get picked over other applicants that in my mind were better qualified

Good luck


Keep your eyes here:

Empires & Puzzles Beta Program is now open for applications!

I’d also regularly check the News section of the Forum.

Good luck!


You have to go to the page called “Empires & Puzzles Beta Program is now open for applications!” which says “Due to high demand, we are now closing the form from new applicants” when you click it - lol


I think they should let you in just because of

Make an exception for an exceptionally active player. :slight_smile:


Rather then give you the chance to test heroes and decide on who invest on, I would love to hear your opinion in beta as a great player coming from a different alliance.


==Unfair Beta Advantage==
From what I have seen on the forum, being a beta tester gives you no advantage with ascension material planning.

Devs are going to release new 5* heroes on a regular basis since most players will only use IAP to look good to other players ( avatars ) or for a power advantage ( 5* heroes, non-farmable ascension items and rumored hero power boosts ). Either a hero is good, sucks or is okay, but not spending materials because a better one will being coming along is going to be very frustrating for you over time.

If a hero is good, does it fill a need in your account? I leveled one Wu Kong ( only hero with Gambler’s Stance ) to 4* 4.70 for rare quest ( also useful for s2-6-9, stupid Emperor Moth & Pterosaurian dual boss ) and one to 4* 3.60 for war.

==Good Beta Tester Skills==
From other beta programs ( Notes What is Beta Testing ), and posts on the this forum, the Devs look for a need they need to fill ( example: speaks a language they are beta testing ) and players who help other players.

The last tends to carry a lot of weight because is demonstrates an understanding of the game, and being able to communicate it to other people. Beta tester managers hate “The new mechanic is broken”, they tend to prefer “The new mechanic is broken but it fixes a need for alliance officers, perhaps if you reduced the cool down time and switched to a red font.” or “I don’t like the new mechanic but then I am not fond of healers. In my alliance several players love double healers and this might be very over powered when two double strong color heroes on the team have this mechanic.”

Perhaps become more active on forum, social media, youtube, etc.

Level 72, wow. I would love to hear some of you insights into the game when you reach that number of World Energy and hero roster slots.

I wrote this article based on other beta testing programs.


UCLAPACK needs to chill on winning every event. You clearly don’t need all the items bro.


More than happy to help anyone who wants help in events. I do not have to take each one. Also dator helps by showing strategies to improve on you tube. I would like to have an opinion though on heroes before they are released. From what I see some heroes get changed before they are introduced and some do not. Some get changed after and that is the worst time to change a hero especially when people spend money on them.


I did fill that form out a while back when it was open. That’s why I was curious what the deciding factors for choosing people were.


i could really use your help. Always check your teams so i can prepare for the next events. i’m happy that my score has been improving in the last 3 events

What do you normally try for rare, epic or legendary? If you have line you can send me team pics my id is the same as my name


In my honest opinion, the reason you state for wanting to be beta (although it may be true) is not a good reason to select someone to be beta. You may have the same problem I tend to have - being too blatantly honest. Isn’t there a different reason you want to be beta? :wink:


well if you can’t get into beta i don’t think i should bother to even apply, someone from the SG did say they were thinking about opening applications again soon

You misunderstood me! I want to be in beta because I have a great understanding of the game and want to provide valuable input. I think being at my level I have a lot to offer especially adding positive feedback…

That’s better right? :wink:


Can i ask you an event question? Just a yes or not.
I’m trying to compete using less items i can.

Is it possible to do your best score without items? Because so far for me the answer is absolutely not.

No matter the stage or difficulty, the difference between using items (even mass-using) and without is really high.

FWIW, I’m very surprised you’re not in beta. If anyone asked me, I’d support your application whole-heartedly.


Girl…you win those events, that’s why we are here, No? #goals

Guys, please ask event questions in a separate thread and leave this one for Beta questions. Danke! :grin:

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I thought guys from crystal palace & 7dd are game devs… :smile: :smile:
Good job Like your videos and Dator on YouTube